Friday, July 29, 2016

Francis tells youth to do their “duty and make chaos all night”

Francis addresses World Youth Day participants from the 
balcony of the bishop's palace in Krakow. (27 July 2016 )

You must do your duty and make chaos all night. Show your Christian joy, the joy the Lord gave you to be in the community who follows Jesus.”

Doesn’t that remind one of the words Francis said to the youth at World Youth Day: Rio 2013?

“I want to tell you something. What is it that I expect as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess. We knew that in Rio there would be great disorder, but I want trouble in the dioceses!”

“You must do your duty and make chaos all night.”


  1. Satan loves Chaos and anyone preaching satanic virtues is not Catholic let alone 'Pope'!!

  2. "Look at what V2 sect parents are loosing on their children. This is a snake in the garden. Are the V2 sect parents deaf to this contorted language, are they blind to the overt depravity of WYD (as in "Way of what!")?"
    "Why, yes, Clare, they are; they like it, that is why they associate with it."

    St. Vincent de Paul, consider by what evils we are oppressed and come to our assistance. St. Vincent, ora pro nobis.