Saturday, July 9, 2016

Is it any wonder Europe is a mess?

Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission 
(i.e. Juncker is the Prime-Minister of the European Union)

Is he taking psychedelic drugs and hallucinating


is he meeting with demons?

Was this a close encounter of the third kind?

Spiritual hugs after Francis receives the Charlemagne Prize.

Juncker’s intergalactic space travel!

The media speculated if Jean-Claude Juncker was drunk here when he slapped Viktor Orbán’s face and called him a dictator for defending his country’s borders.

And to think that such people are governing Europe!



  1. Concerning Viktor Orban being slapped,the Jews are mad and and hate any resistance to their Jew World Order.
    Concerning 'Aliens' I am convinced 'Aliens' are demons and they may be 'communicating' with World leaders I.E. Jewish Masonic world leaders.
    Then again he could be a dope addict and-or alcoholic senile elderly man.
    Feel free to correct me.

  2. Great coverage of this topic I must say.

    Shultz from planet Bruss Els:
    “Solidarity – Integration – Inclusion”
    “Highest moral authority in Europe… the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church…his appeal to solidarity and inclusion was also… very inspiring.”

    Bergoglio from planet Vat Ican:
    “Encounter – Reconciliation – Future”
    “Europe’s history is an ongoing encounter between Heaven and earth… Together for Europe? Today this is more than ever necessary.”

    This quote from a recent article by Call Me Jorge titled “Francis’ Latest Message’ could be the best comment to summarize the exchanges of these august planetary representatives. “Barf! And More New World Order junk.”
    P. S. Bruss Els and Vat Ican are located in the emptiest part of the sky, emit a faint light and are shrouded in vast, cool, dark clouds of gas and dust. Only in such clouds, where matter condenses easily, can globalists form.

    1. Speaking of Gas,if anyone enjoys Ambient music check out a one man project called 'Gas'..very relaxing music for these dark troubled times we inhabit.