Saturday, July 16, 2016

Poland’s chief rabbi Michael Schudrich gives Francis his kosher seal of approval for upcoming visit to Auschwitz

“It is important that everyone goes (to Auschwitz) to reflect on what happened there.”

“It is the worst place in the world and the pope, the world’s most powerful religious leader, sets an example for humanity.”

“You have to remain silent when you are there (Auschwitz), to then shout out loud to the world about what you have seen.” 

Chief rabbi Michael Schudrich in 2012 at the Belweder Palace in Warsaw with the then
President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, for the lighting of the menorah.


  1. 6 fictional million.
    Compare that to 60 Million babies legally aborted in the US.
    Which is the "Worst place in the world"?

    Case in point regarding the fictional 6 mil:

  2. Maybe that's why all the Isreali flags for 39-59 Aging Hippie Day -- for the Auschwitz mess.

  3. “You have to remain silent when you are there (Auschwitz),to then shout out loud to the world about what you have seen"
    He has more respect for man and the apostate Jews than he has for Jesus Christ & Catholicism.

  4. Hopefully while in Poland he will put to rest those rumors concerning the late Cardinal Sapieha of Krakow and his predecessor Karol Wojtyla which help fit in the theory that Wojty was the Anti-Christ.

  5. Bet there will be no selfies taken there .

  6. Perhaps, if God is willing, Bergoglio will fall into one of those (flaming) ditches that the high priest of the Holohoax, Elie (the Weasel) Weisel told tall tales about.