Friday, July 8, 2016

The further integration of the SSPX with modernist Rome continues on the path of full reconciliation

“So are we Catholic or are we schismatics? I have with me a copy of a letter given to me by His Excellency Bishop Fellay, where the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith says to him, Monseigneur, that you (the SSPX) can proceed with  ordinations without asking permission of the Ordinary of the place (diocese); it suffices to give them the names of the ordained, which we will of course do, in a timely manner. So we are neither schismatics nor illegal.”

We at Call Me Jorge... wonder why didn’t Bp. de Galarreta read the letter aloud or at the least quote from it?


  1. This SSPX has about 200000 lay adherents (but pretends to have anything up to SIX MILLION yup - its that figure again!) and keeps hogging the limelight. Their bishops swish about in episcopal robes, get adulation from their followers, but are not satisfied. They want to be real Novus Ordo bishops! So much for their Tradition!!!

  2. While I believe it wrong to seek reunion with modernist Rome, I do understand and respect the intentions of SSPX. If they are honestly (albeit mistakenly) going about trying to effect a win for Traditionalists, I find it hard to believe they would be seen as guilty of treason in the eyes of God.

    1. Why of all anti-popes do they want to reunite with Jorge Bergoglio?
      Something tells me they're about receive a lot of money and media attention.

    2. They have been trying for years to improve relations with modern Rome. Ever since its founding starting with Archbishop Lefebvre, SSPX has sought to ease tensions between their society and Rome. This has been a fact for each of the New Order popes and Francis is no different.

      Archbishop Lefebvre's intentions certainly seemed sincere and noble, and I give the benefit of the doubt to his successors. I couldn't disagree with their course of action more vehemently, but I do believe their intentions are genuinely good.

    3. I don't because Bishop Fellay is intentionally leading his flock into a novus ordo sect that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ in the Vatican 2 documents.
      Bishop Fellay knows this,he is very educated.

    4. Right but I think he naively believes his society can be in the flock but not of the flock. He apparently mistakenly believes that one good apple can heal a multitude of bad apples.

      Don't get me wrong, it is never acceptable to try and find common ground with evil. The only effective policy against evil is one which seeks its complete and utter destruction. I'm simply trying to be charitable. But perhaps it's silly for me to sit here and conjecture about the contents of a man's heart.

    5. It's not what's in his heart, its reality and fact.
      The novus ordo documents deny the divinity of Jesus Christ and condone the Jewish deicide.Bishop Fellay is smarter and more educated than most (including me) yet he can't see this satanic cult for what it truly is?
      I don't believe he is that naive or stupid.
      Doesn't matter,the deal is happening and the SSPX pewsitters will finally see recognize and resist ultimately lands your chapel in the novus ordo.