Saturday, July 23, 2016

the holocaust has replaced the Crucifixion

Auschwitz takes the place of Golgotha ​​and
January 27 [International Holocaust Remembrance Day]
replaces Good Friday 

by Marcello Veneziani - Wed, 29 January 2014

Why is a tragic event of more than seventy years ago, only one of the horrors, holds court in such a prolonged a manner, [and] is so unanimous and pervasive in the media and re-enactments?  Why is the memory of the Holocaust increasing over the years instead of decreasing, even more so today than thirty years ago?  I do not intend to begin a controversy, it is real question.
I try to answer without making any assessment. The Holocaust is taking the place of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  This is the crucial event that marks the Ineradicable Mourning for Humanity, the Watershed One of the times and the advent of Absolute Evil, with the following redemption.
This time is it not the Son of God ending up on the Cross and becoming a sacrifice for us, but it is a people to be sacrificed, elected or cursed according to the two classic versions, and to redeem man from the bad. Although the Absolute Evil this time is historical and not satanic. And not a prelude to the Resurrection but to the Liberation.  Not the rise of the resurrected into heaven but the liberation of the insurgents on the ground.  I can not find any other explanation for the Emphasis is Absolute, Unquestionable, Indelible on the Shoah.
This perhaps explains the tacit, unspeakable discomfort that touches many as well as having nothing to do with Holocaust deniers and with racists or (those who) denounce the Holocaust with speculation campaigns: Christ yesterday was put on the cross [and] now is put in parentheses.  He is relativized with the faith,  the Christian civilization. In His place is the Holocaust a religion of humanity, Auschwitz takes the place of Golgotha ​​and January 27 [International Holocaust Remembrance Day] replaces Good Friday. 

source: il, La Shoah ha sfrattato il crocefisso: Auschwitz prende il posto del Golgota e il 27 gennaio sostituisce il Venerdì Santo



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  2. Who is the Author and is he employed by the Vatican???
    This article is repulsive & disgusting.

  3. I read the sodomite 'pilgrims' to pedophile day (i.e. bergoglio's hell bound f(r)iends) will be under Jewish protection (who want to corrupt and murder Christian children just like Francis and his Team B perverts)!

    "The group will set up the "Pilgrim's Haven" in a cafe in Krakow's Kazimierz Jewish quarter."

  4. The Holohoax is a false doctrine invented after the war for precisely this purpose. It is the central dogma of the new one world Judaic religion, continued attachment to which keeps everyone quiet about the organized destruction of our people and of Christian civilization.