Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the Salafist Muslim — Zionist Alliance


  1. Dear call me Jorge, I ask you to please write an article about "Father" Jacques Hamel to expose this neo-Marxist traitor who many Catholics believe is a martyr when he was a victim of his own betrayal to God.

    Father Jacques Hamel himself  donated the land to Muslims to build the mosque. "And they were given use of the parish hall and other facilities during Ramadan."

    Instead of seeking their conversion he stole God"s properties to surrender it to Caesar. For these neo-Marxists who rebel against God the new "poor"are the Muslims, the gays, the Indians, etc.

  2. I sent this article to the one Noahide I personally know....WHEW!! This person was ANGRY in their response.Funny thing this person could not refute the author.Random insults and character assassination was the theme of their response.

    1. How long are these people going to self-censor? Don't they want to know the truth?

    2. No they hate the truth,love worldly pleasure and long for human respect.