Saturday, July 30, 2016

Where did Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson disappear to?

 Have you see me?

An anonymous reader of Call Me Jorge... informed us that Fr. Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson’s virtual presence on the internet has all but vanished.  Nicholson’s blog is gone, as is his twitter feed, and his youtube channel.  Did he finally come to his senses and realize that his smug videos and memes promoting sacriledge are not helping to propagate the faith?   Or  has he gone on sabatical and taken a trip to WYD Kraków 2016?  Perhaps his dioscean bishop had enough with him, after he found out he had been hanging out in a warehouse full of toys in Detroit despite ordering him not to, and traded him to Opus (Ju)Dei for a player to be named later?  Whatever happened it’s sure to be interesting when you have a polarizing Cracker Jack like Nicholson at the center.  The last video we featured of him on this blog saw ‘Ash’ Nicholson riding a fake donkey making an ass out of himself and Our Lord.  He also made some comments about Michael Voris on his facebook page (20th to 23rd of April 2016) which might contain a clue or two.

Several weeks after posting the above messages to facebook, Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson appeared to be back in business with new videos.  These videos continued until a week or two after the release (10 July 2016) of the Fidelity Press e-book, The Man Behind the Curtain: Michael Voris and the Homosexual Vortex by E. Michael Jones.  Then Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson vanished on the internet and social media as if he had almost never existed. 

A sad, worrying, and depressing story about Michael Voris and those willingly and unwillingly captured in his Vortex — E. Michael Jones, Christine Niles, Fr. Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson (even though he isn’t mentioned by name), Marc Brammer, Terry Carroll, Frank Coan, Simon Rafe, Matthew Pearson, etc...

Did Christine Niles make some phone calls and send off a few letters in order to help Nicholson disappear?  On twitter Mrs. Niles tweeted, “Pure calumny. The source is a disgruntled and jealous priest whom Jones took at his word.”  Several of us at Call Me Jorge... have read the e-book and are in agreement thinking there was more than one source for the information contained in it.  Regardless, Fr. Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson has vanished.  What trick will this jester perform next?  One can take money to the bank that ‘Ash’ Nicholson will take Francis’ words to heart and perform his Noahide Novus Ordo duty by making chaos!

Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson was last seen in a car heading northeast out of South Bend, Indiana.



  1. Sources were clearly Nicholson and Brammer. Niles (kinda, sorta Mrs. Voris) can complain all she wants. Jones' work is mostly word-for-word emails. Hard to argue with those. Somebody explain to me why CMTV--or at least narcissist Voris--is still in business now that we know why he really went public.

  2. None of these people practice or believe the true Catholic Faith.Pray for their conversion.

    1. Pray they stay the H*ll away from us.

    2. Long as they are in 'full communion' with the Zionist novus ordo,they won't be anywhere near us,trust me!

  3. Anon @ 12:58 PM. Can you explain to me why narcissist Timothy Dolan or sado masochist Edwin O'Brien are still in business after this appeared in the papers?

    It's real curious to me how self-called faithful Catholics who are bent on exposing the slime of VC2 Church, pile on the messenger and not the message. Where is the Remnant? Where is CFN News? Where is Novus Ordo Watch? Where is this blog? Where is the SSPX?

    Kudos to Michael Voris for helping the laity sue these corrupt prelates and giving them publicity. He is also the ONLY one giving a voice to Lepanto Insitute.

    This story about the Miami Archdiocese came out in 2011

    Go to pages 120-121 of this dossier and you will see the parishes where flaming sodomites officiate (from the original report Gawker used as source for article). The names are there if anyone wants to clean up these parishes and remove the sodomite plague:

    But who besides Church Militant is giving any support to those trying to clean up the dioceses?

    REMOVE Voris (so THEY can get his subscribers) but transfer the sodomite scum to another administrative post (that's victory) celebrated by the Pope is Right Jesus Christ wasn't a sado masochist, but they are and they are at WYD W/FRANNIE's PERMISSION - BONDINGS!

    Voris has confessed, repented and is making restitution. What has Dolan, O'Brien, Danneels, Wenski, Lynch, ad nauseam done? What are you doing?

    1. No offense but Dolan and the novus ordo are irrelevant non catholic ecumenical Communists.
      Find the true catholic church and don't waste your energy on any of these people,including the soon to be new superstar 'catholics' of the novus ordo,the new and improved SSPX.
      Remember birds of a feather flock together.
      The remnant,CFN,etc are controlled opposition.

    2. Hello Mrs. Voris. Perhaps you should examine the financial dealings of ChurchMilitant and the propriety of having naive young men hang around and receive "formation" a former sodomite who constantly attacks the church rather than go around defending your infatuation from any criticism of his outfit. Doesn't your husband miss you? Your kids?

      Mr. Voris isn't accomplishing anything, because he is a layman. He is just causing people to have an undue distrust of their shepherds and perhaps even lose faith in the visible Church. Say what you want about Cardinal Dolan, but the guy is rather orthodox, even if he messes up some times. But that's what humans do. But whenever he does, in comes Mr. Voris to harangue him. But why does he do it? Well it would appear that Mr. Voris is upset that one gay priest that he knew back when he was in seminary got through but he wasn't able to, so now he leads an online pseudo-parish to cater to his delusions of grandeur. Homosexuals have strong issues with narcissism, and Dr. Jones' book isn't the first to notice this. I've noticed it very often living in Vancouver, the gay mecca of Canada. There is good reason why the church doesn't allow gay priests (in theory). The spirit of this would seem to suggest that there shouldn't be gay "priests" leading internet parishes as well.

      May God guide to you good discernment and keep you from rash judgment, Christine.

    3. "Say what you want about Cardinal Dolan, but the guy is rather orthodox some times." WHOOPEEE!!!! So is Satan!

      Dolly the Whale is an evil wicked sodomite who is a cardinal because he was a sodomite prostitute and let many bishops sodomize him. If sodomites have strong issues w/vanity, than Dolly the Whale should be toast. While you swill about in your own vomit, sodomite marriage becomes law (both NY & MD fell under Dolan and O'Brien).

      Research these sodomites: have known Cardinal-designate Edwin O’Brien since the 1979 visit of Pope John Paul II to the United States. At that time, he was secretary to Cardinal Cooke who would be hosting the pope during his stay in New York. I have known Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan since the mid-eighties when I returned to Washington to work at the bishops’ conference and he was working at the Apostolic Delegation (only later with full diplomatic recognition first given by President Ronald Reagan would it be called the Apostolic Nunciature). At that time, working alongside of soon-to-be Cardinal Dolan were now Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Bishop Blasé Cupich, Bishop Michael Cote...hey were a wonderful group of men who made our work, then at the other end of Massachusetts Avenue, easy and easily conducted between Archbishop Pio Laghi and ourselves a delight (as did the Apostolic Delegate/Nuncio Laghi). We would recreate together on occasion but it was always hard to get on Father Dolan’s dance card as it filled up quickly with friends and acquaintances of his in and around Washington (he had studied Church history under the famous Monsignor John Tracy Ellis at Catholic University, earning a doctorate)....Like myself, he clearly wants more people to join the Church than be driven from it. ...Cardinal-designate O’Brien has been a wonderful archbishop for Baltimore and since all his auxiliaries were on retreat with me last week, I know they already are missing him since his appointment as Grand Master of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher a few months ago. When his successor is installed in America’s oldest diocese, he will be full time in Rome. He will represent the true and best of the church in the United States well over there.

      One final local note. Both Archbishops O’Brien and Dolan served as rectors of the North American College in Rome. Two of their students, Fathers Kenneth Malley, pastor of St. Timothy’s parish in Lutz and David Toups, pastor of Christ the King parish in Tampa plan to be present on February 18th and 19th when their two former rectors are given the red hat of cardinal by Pope Benedict in St. Peter’s. And just prior to the consistory, another superb American cardinal, Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C.

      Robert Lynch is the 'bishop' who okayed Teri Schiavo being starved to death. Who paid men $400,000 of church funds to go on vacation w/him.

      What was Dolan dating Lynch for?

      Re: Voris. He was a VC2 altar boy and seminarian (when the GOOD men were turned away). He was also encouraged to drink his brains out at Notre Dame. Sure he has many stories he could tell like all the children turned into sodomites by sodomite 'priests' their parents trusted grooming them w/drugs (alcohol), pornography & mental manipulation/mind control (making them doubt their masculinity).

      You sound like some employee of NY Archdiocese who would defend Satan to keep your job. May God forgive you for consorting w/demons who rob the faith and destroy the souls they are supposed to be leading to heaven. And that includes Dr. Jones who defends the VC2 perverts and is probably well paid (and ordered) to do the hatchet job.

    4. If you're referring to me I a male traditional catholic who holds the sedevacantist position.
      I am referring to all novus ordo followers,its not Roman Catholic.
      Our priest belongs to a small order who keeps the pre-1950 True Catholic Faith alive.
      Before I met our priest,I didn't realize how important it was fasting after midnight for holy Communion.
      Dolan Lynch etc..are invalid as they use the post-June 1968 Paul VI rite of invalid holy order's.
      Whoever you are I hope you God wakes you out of your slumber.

    5. That's my problem with E.Michael Jones.
      He knows full well who is in control and what truly happened to the Church back in the late 60's.
      Yet,he is still novus ordo and defends the Anti-Christ Jewish novus Ordo.

    6. If Voris continues to fight Dolan, Lynch et al w/exposing the sodomite takeover, they will persecute him out of VC2 church. Of course, unlike St. Paul, he could do a Mother Angelica and stop fighting them to stay in the VC2 church...I pray for him.