Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Francis invokes the “silence” of Haredi Judaism and Elie Wiesel’s “memory transfusion” at today’s general audience

Francis’ religious philosophy comes from Haredi sect of Talmudic Judaism.

Note: Underlines below are CMJ’s and for emphasis.
“And, finally, this Journey also had the horizon of the world, a world called to respond to the challenge of a war “in pieces,” which is threatening it. And here the great silence of the visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau was more eloquent than any word. In that silence I heard, I felt the presence of all the souls that passed by there; I felt the compassion, the mercy of God, which some holy souls were able to bring also to that abyss. In that great silence I prayed for all the victims of violence and of war. And there, in that place, I understood more than ever the value of the memory, not only as the memory of past events, but as warning and responsibility for today and tomorrow, so that the seed of hatred and violence will not take root in the furrows of history. And in this memory of wars and of many wounds, of so many griefs experienced, there are also so many men and women of today, who suffer wars, so many of our brothers and sisters. Looking at that cruelty, in that concentration camp, I thought immediately of today’s cruelties, which are similar: not so concentrated as in that place, but everywhere in the world; this world that is sick of cruelty, of pain, of war, of hatred, of sadness. And that is why I always ask you for prayer: may the Lord give us peace!”


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  1. This is why I boycott the novus ordo and their sspx controlled opposition.