Monday, August 29, 2016

Francis meets with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to promote the new world order’s panopticon for the people

Does Mark Zuckerberg really lament that the poor in the world don’t have internet access?  Nope, he laments that they are not part of his facebook empire.  Facebook for those who don’t know is a social media site where users (i.e. slaves) post their photos, web-surfing history, likes/dislikes, political views, browsing habits, etc... online for the world to see.  Ever wonder why the site is ‘free’?  It’s simple, you the user (slave) are the product.  Information is bought and sold on you all day long.  Reading an article on facebook and have a webcam?  Better read that user (slave) agreement  to be sure it isn’t scanning where your eyes are in the article.  And while you’re at it check out what they do with your microphone.  Not many understand how invasive this social media site and others are.  So here we have Francis meeting with another globalist pushing the computer panopticon...all in the name of helping the poor!  Cell phones, computers, tablets, etc... Francis wants you to join this diabolical system.


The ‘values’ Zuckerberg will push to the 
poor in his social media panopticon


  1. "Zuckerberg was raised Jewish and had his bar mitzvah when he turned 13. Afterward, he became an atheist. Although a sworn atheist, he has a firm belief in karma and has previously stated that Buddhism as a religion is amazing."

    Just be a rich, devil worshiping, anti-Christ, and you too can get an audience w/Freak! If you defile God's sanctuary, as long a you're a communist, abortionist you get personally invited to meet w/Freak! (also if you're a transvestite or any other type of sexual pervert/pedophile like his menage manager Ricca).

    Meanwhile back at the bully ranch, those who really help the poor can't even be in the same room (like Kim Davis) w/that "merciful" pope (in the year of mercy!) if they're not Christ hating, atheistic, pervert loving, baby killing, money worshiping communists--they are condemned! They are escorted OUT!

  2. Globalists exchange Modernist Propaganda Media with each other:
    Novus Ordo Pope presents businessman Mark Zuckerberg with his own book [Jorge’s blah-blah-blah]. Zuckerberg presents NO Jorge with his beam tracking device and a picture book illustrating its goals. ["We are a tech company, not a media company,” Zuckerberg said]. Does the culture of hope rest upon internet access?
    Mark: “As we go about our work, there is so much we can learn from his warmth and kindness, and his ability to connect with people of all faiths from every part of the world.
    Pricilla: “Mark and I had the honor of meeting Pope Francis and discussing our shared mission of reaching and serving all of those in need.”
    Yeah, right. The Novus-Ordo-occupied Vatican City State has world governments’ law enforcement crawling all over it for illegal moral and financial criminal activity, New Order Jorge’s usurpation of previously Catholic properties are being liquidated all over the world, Novus Ordo seminaries and convents are closing right and left, shrinking attendance is occurring in Novus Ordo services all over the world, yet here these anti-Catholic-buddy-buddy-Modernist gods are, openly consolidating globalist associations, acting as if it is a job well done by their respective leaderships… in short, believing a lie.

    P.S. Has CMJ turned “panoptic”- an adjective - into a noun, as in, “a panopticon”? Regardless, I must credit this directive that was placed in the title with perceiving that these people are goats.

  3. And you will never convince most "career Catholics" that there is any reason to stay off of Fakebook. I can't tell you how tired I am of the assertion that St. Paul would have been on Fakebook. And how sad is it that so many teens are getting on Fakebook because the parish youth ministry is pushing it. Sometimes they will even offer prizes as an incentive for teens to "like" the Church's page, just as businesses do to raise their numbers.

  4. A NWO? One not controlled by the USA puppet masters?. Bring it on! No more regime changes and depleted uranium spread around in distant lands? That'd be good! Or does NWO mean New Worse Order - with even more regime changes and more spread of depleted uranium?. And of course Francis likes immigrants. Just as did the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Australia and Africa, no?

  5. Sorry if this offends anyone but its very difficult to not notice the vast majority of "straight" women who celebrate,support,rabidly defend, "gay rights/marriage" and will out right ostracize anyone who doesn't do the same.
    Simultaneously I think about my youth and going to raves.
    The reason I stopped going to raves was the vast majority of women at raves would become lesbian after the first hour or two of music and dancing.
    Does the bible say people will become homosexual during the last days?

    1. I listen to so many of Bishop Sanborn's sermons that I wouldn't be able to find it to quote him, but I think I remember correctly he said that here and now it is worse than what was going on in the city of Sodom and in the city of Gomorrha. Worse.

      To Mark Zuckerberg and Sara Sperling, Please read the Epistle of Saint Jude, Chapter 1 (Douay-Rheims + Challoner Notes). Repent and pull yourselves out of the fire.

  6. More evidence. These media, uh sorry, tech boys are sure busy. This link is a news report of a joint effort between US, France and Isreal. $$$

    “The Israeli made Amos-6 satellite (pictured) was carrying technology to allow Facebook to provide wireless internet directly to smartphones in sub-Saharan Africa.”
    “The rocket was supposed to hoist an Israeli communications satellite this weekend which reports suggest was set to carry technology for Facebook into orbit.”


  7. Zuckerberg framed his "feeling pride" comment straight from political speeches. Really creepy content. He's also in a pose like the ole time politicians in the back of a railroad car...he might be in a trolley in San Francisco or on a restaurant balcony. It is a really creepy photo.