Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How the National Catholic Reporter presents a false picture of Francis the ‘humble’ revolutionary to its readers

The National Catholic Reporter publishes a bi-weekly comic strip named, Francis, the comic strip.  The subject of the comic is a purported behind-the-scene look at how Francis runs his Vatican.  He is portrayed as a simple hip social justice warrior pontiff who is smarter than his bureaucrats who resist his progressive reforms.  In the three strips below we see Allah send Francis a Moslem refugee whom Francis welcomes with open arms and then he promptly places her in his Council of Cardinal Advisers (G8/G9).  Who controls the NGO which publishes the National Catholic Reporter and is responsible for the tripe they put out?  If the cartoonist of this strip, Pat Marrin, were interested in the truth, he would have shown refugees like this fleeing from the Wahhabi moslems and Salafist moslems which have invaded their countries. Further Marrin would expose the role of the British, American, and Israeli intelligence agencies in the creation of these groups and their financial backers, the House of Saud.  Finally if this were a true cartoon representation, it would have the rabbis and their Talmud & Kabbalah as the inspiration behind the modernist revolutionary schemes of Francis.

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  1. At least if a muslim is on the council then Jorge will have a harder time selling sodomy LOL

  2. In the National Catholic [sic] Reporter ‘mission and values’ section, I guess that these banal comics would come under the last bullet point. News alert to NC[sic]R… your Core Values are not Catholic and your mission is not to spread the Gospel. Yours are Novus Ordo Core Values and your mission is to spread the “New News of the V2 Sect”… your newspaper spreads heresy, not Catholicism.

    "Our Core Values:
    Rooted in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, we are called to:
    · Social justice: Shining a light on stories of injustice and inequality, especially for the disadvantaged and marginalized
    · Human dignity: Promoting respect and honor for all members of the human family
    · Inclusiveness: Embracing the global family, its rich diversity and the sacredness of all creation
    · Excellence: Striving to achieve the highest quality of journalism "

    According to Wikipedia, Robert Hoyt, American journalist, founded NC[sic]R in 1964, left in 1970 and now it “is independently owned and governed by a lay board of directors.” In the NC[sic]R ‘about us’ section, there is a list of 16 board names but no photos and no biographies.
    For 50 years it looks like this rag has been in the New Order tank: they are a propaganda arm of heresy. ”As we look forward to our next 50 years, we want to ensure that future generations have access to the independent Catholic [sic] journalism NC[sic]R has so consistently provided during our first 50 years.”
    I would like to make sure that the NC[sic]R could look forward to it’s next 50 years only if it were made to be brought to this truth: the NC[sic]R is not reporting on the religion of Catholicism and therefore, it must end the lying and eliminate “Catholic” from NC[sic]R newspaper. Is there not some way I could go after this news outlet and these people for fraud? I am available.

  3. Sure if they're going to treat everyone equal, she should be dressed like a man and the next frame would show her singing and dancing to entertain the perverts while they grab poles and try to rip the pants off her. Then there could be another frame where she has to strip naked and let the "doctor" fondle her privates so that the perverts will know she really likes sex enough to be able to make a vow of celibacy; then the last frame can show the perverts dressing up like Muslims (balaclavas) to throw a pail of dirt on her unless she calls the Muslims to prayer (then the frannie catholics would join in (as long as it's devil invocation)...


    Ryan Goff - Muslims rape both sexes and children:





    Francis, Schoenbron, Danneels, McCarrick & all Team B have a lot in common w/the Muslims. The stip could be funnier if they tell how Francis has gutted the vatican pedophile board (but study deaconesses!) and appointed pervert sodomite pedophiles as bishops.



  4. That comic strip is so exruciating. Maynooth was haven for sodomites. One woman told me how as a student sitting outside she saw a seminarian scale a wall. A short while later he returned with an over-affectionate male companion. It is striking that the Conciliar Bishops of Ireland, the Archbishop of Dublin excepted, are happy with Maynooth. When a seminarian reported the former vice-president Fr Ledwith (for attempted faggotry with students) to the Dean, the Dean was sacked for supporting the students and Fr Ledwith was made President of the College.

  5. P. S. The Lepanto Institute has posted an undated petition to sign which is addressed to the USCC[sic]B regarding the National Catholic [sic] Reporter “requesting that it no longer use the word ‘Catholic’ in its masthead”, refuse it access to Catholic [sic] events and to censure it. Why? Because they state that the NC[sic]R promoted contraception and population control: they say that “souls…are being led away from Holy Mother Church [sic] by this publication”.
    This is rich…The Lepanto Institute, a member of the Novus Ordo religion who call themselves “faithful Catholics”, is petitioning the wolves to save the sheep as they remain under the same heretical authority.
    Shall I say, “incredible!”… or, “what a racket!”… or perhaps something that would help, like... “Dump Vatican II!”