Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton possessed?

Yes, Mrs. Clinton those are balloons.

Or is she in ill health?

And a vote for Hillary in reality is really a vote for ‘Talmudic’ Tim Kaine?


  1. I think most of these people belong to Luciferian Cults and are perfectly possessed.

  2. It's funny how all those who luv "The God of Surprises" are slandering Trump as a non-christian, unstable, nuclear war danger, when what's got them really scared is he might cut the taxpayer pipeline funding their sodomite lifestyles and walled-in million dollar mansions! Go Trump! Fire the bishops who are bilking the taxpayers out of billions feathering their nests while the War on Poverty goes on 60+ years (and more poor today than ever)! Put the million dollar Carol Keehan in jail (and Carol Woo and the entire CRS standing w/planned parenthood to murder babies staff)! End the Nat'l Health Care Death Mandate! Stop the illegal refugee invasion ("churches" get rich quick off the American taxpayer while Democrats get millions of voters in 100 days). Stop the rape and pillage of the U.S.A.! Put the religious parasites, sodomites & pedophiles in jail!!!

  3. don't think so, probable burnt out. Why would the devil make a ridicule of his puppet if he wants her to rule over one of the greatest worldy powers on earth?

    1. She won't rule and Satan mocks ridicules and destroy's his servants.
      This nation has been under Satan's spell for decades,its most likely too late for us.
      Hillary is a Zionist puppet and not in control of anything.The press and talk radio are literally campaigning for her,24-7.
      It doesn't matter if she possessed,the average democrat is either knowingly or unknowingly serving Satan.

  4. Short answer: "Yes."

  5. American Thinker had a piece about her weird facial expressions at the convention. I personally think it is neurological/psychological/spiritual and nuts.

  6. Apparently she can't walk up stairs either:

  7. Knights of Columbus leader states that Catholics can't vote for pro-abortion politicians. [and the protestant evangelicals publicize]

    Then Croax, the news outlet the Knights of Columbus have been forced to fund, contradicts:

    Why is KOC money going to fund this un-Catholic rag and pay pervert John Allen's salary? because the pro-abortion, sodomites SAID SO!:

    "Crux will remain an independent news outlet headed by Allen and Vatican" [independent of Jesus Christ but funded by a Catholic Lay organization--how's that for stinking corruption?]

    When will these 'catholics' get a clue and ditch the sodomites that are corrupting our country and our church? You can't be shaken down (or condemned to hell by participating in the grave evil of legalized abortion and sodomy) if you don't go near the NOT Catholic perverts.