Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ken Hackett, U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, explains that Mother Teresa embodied what Francis teaches

So is Ken saying that Francis’ teachings are fraudulent too?

Stay tuned to Call Me Jorge... for an upcoming post on who Mother Teresa was and what she stood for.  Hint, it isn’t the saintly little woman caricature that the mainstream medias and Vatican propaganda machines have churned out. (click here to read post)


  1. Doesn't Francis embody his own teachings? Bald, fat, bloated, crapulent...

  2. The Novus Ordo is sappy, superficial and common to its core...but as has been noted, this anti-Catholic sect didn't just break off from the Catholic Faith as Luther did. I am not convinced that Novus Ordoites do not know that it is a crime of fraud to pose as "Catholic" when their warped beliefs are obviously not Catholic. I think that they have some understanding that an unlawful occupation by usurpation of Catholic assets and real estate (via V2)is also criminal. To follow a lawless wolf into misdeeds makes the followers complicit in the crimes.

    1. We,the average modern "Catholics" don't have adequate knowledge of our Roman Catholic Faith.
      The select few who care about their faith don't know right from wrong.
      I was once a novus Ordo pewsitter.By the grace of our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ I was given the truth.
      Pray for their conversions and that they leave the Novus Ordo asap.

  3. You may be right. If God wills that all mankind comes to the knowledge of the Truth, then mankind should know when that same Truth has been tampered with. Novus Ordoites are really Novus Ostriches....