Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Remember the Moslem invaders sleeping in the church in Ventimiglia, Italy?

The Moslem invaders sleeping in St. Anthony’s Church in Ventimiglia, Italy.

Spontaneously, according to the Italian press, Moslems all over France and Italy came to Sunday Novus Ordo services.  This they said was a symbolic gesture meant to combat terrorism like the recent murder of Fr. Jacques Hamel.  During the part of the Novus Ordo Missae where attendees shake hands, the presbyters and Moslem imams embraced in spiritual hugs.  For this post we will focus only on a small part of the spontaneous Moslem visit to St. Nicholas’ Church in Ventimiglia where the Imam of the province of Imperia and three rows of Moslem invaders were in attendance.

Chiesa San Nicola (St. Nicholas’s Church)

Look!!! Bishop Antonio Suetta is symbolically giving communion to three rows of Moslem invaders in attendance.  Is this part of the Jizya levied on dhimmis?

Let’s see a priest is murdered in France by two young Moslem men...so we give Moslem invaders a symbolic holy sacrament?  Whom is conquering whom?

Bishop Antonio Suetta converses with the Imam of the province of Imperia.  Notice the respect these Moslem invaders have for the Novus Ordo religion.  Especially take note of the hats and the immodest male dress. 



  1. The novus ordo is Zionist freemasonic paganism.
    We are being punished for our apostasy & sins.
    The Good Lord is sending Muslim pagan Savages to teach us a lesson.
    The novus ordo is part of our punishment and chastisement for mortal sin the past 45 year's.
    How this ends is anyone's guess.Please for the sake of your soul,don't call the novus ordo,or anyone associated with it,'Catholic.'
    We must go back to the pre-1950 Roman Catholic traditions,including fasting after midnight for Holy Communion.
    Time to let go of the Pius XII delusion.

  2. I'm surprised these 'bishops' continue so bold. They have no fear of Almighty God--which is the beginning of wisdom. May God have mercy indeed. What a terrible tribulation they are bringing not only on themselves but on all of us w/their sacrilege and blasphemy.

  3. Anonymous.You are so right!It hurts me,and disturbs me,that Holy Communion is given out to these non-catholics.However Holy Communion is given out like confetti in my Novus Ordo Church-and elsewhere of course.The two comments above are spot on.

  4. I guess Martin Luther was right about the holy sacrifice of the mass and holy communion as well: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is NOT a sacrifice. Holy Communion is just a symbol. All Gods are the same! That's why Judas Priest Francis will be celebrating Judas Priest Martin Luther's 'memory' on Halloween as he prays and worships the devil w/the 'lutherans'! How do you feel about child sacrifice, sodomy, and raping children? Ask Cardinal Danneels -- stroking MY pussy FEELS groovy! Look MY Willy is Big! Happy World Youth Day! Go make Chaos/disorder/destroy God's creation! HATE your neighbor!



    Now the Vatican says Francis will participate in a joint ceremony of the Catholic Church and the World Lutheran Federation to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Interesting timing: It takes place in Sweden on Halloween.