Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saint John XXIII enabled Talmudic Judaism and Catholics to be partners in Tikkun Olam

Translation from the original German:

"It started with John XXIII, who changed the 2000-year-old Catholic doctrine, and made it possible for Catholics and Jews to be able to work together as partners in a process that we call “Tikkun ha-Olam” in the Jewish language: ‘To repair the world according to the view [image, picture, design] that God keeps prepared for all his children.’ It continued with John Paul II, who understood the depths of inhumaneneness and who recognized the horror of the past and the desire [need] for something to change — not just theologically, but also in general, in people’s attitude. He was an inspiration for me."
- Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum -
source: Radio Vaticana, „Sie erinnern mich an Noah“ - Jüdische Delegation feiert mit


  1. No surprise here they are honest & open about the Catholics embracing apostasy.
    Pius XII promoted Roncalli & Montini during his pontificate.

  2. Oh, c'mon. Does anyone actually believe that John and John Paul II were anything but PR canonizations? In the batter's circle: Paul VI. After all, he gave us the New Mass. He will HAVE to be canonized to legitimize that really silly protestantization of Catholicism.

    1. That 'really silly' protestantization of Catholicism is really not so silly...IMO

    2. To repair the world (Tikkun Olam) or to perfect that which was left imperfect (Freemasonry)...same thing.