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the koran verses read in the Cathedral of Bari

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The Cathedral of Bari is dedicated to Saint Sabinus of Canosa whose relics are in the main altar. Previously Saint Sabinus’ relics were in the Cathedral of Canosa until they were rescued from its ruins by Saint Angelarius in 844 AD after the Saracens (Moslems) destroyed the town and surrounding areas.

Bari, the imam reads the Quran in the Cathedral: “For by Allah we are all equal”

“I never thought of having to demonstrate unity with our Christian brothers, but if they want, we are ready to do it.” In the cathedral of Bari, Imam Sharif Lorenzini, president of the Islamic Community of Italy, responded to the French call for a day of prayer after the killing of Father Hamel in a church in Rouen.  And he chose to read to the 200 present faithful, of which about 50 Muslims, the verse in which Allah speaks of the origin of life: “Allah will appeal to all of humanity, not only to Muslims. It tells us that we are born of a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, they reminds us that we have the same origin.”
source:, Bari, l'imam legge il Corano in Cattedrale: "Per Allah siamo tutti uguali"

Magdi Cristiano Allam confronts imam Sharif Lorenzini and what he recited from the koran.

The journalist Magdi Cristiano Allam is a Moslem who converted during 2008 at the Vatican's Easter Vigil service but later abandoned the Novus Ordo church because it was too soft on Islam. He says he remains a believer of Jesus the Christ and a Christian.  On national television in Italy (Rete 4), Magdi Cristiano Allam confronted the Imam Sharif Lorenzini about the verse he sang from the koran in the Cathedral of Bari,
“The guest of Belpietro on (the television program) ‘On Your Side’, the imam Lorenzini was questioned by Magdi Cristiano Allam: “You have to say what you read in church.  You, during the meeting in the cathedral, have read the opening of the Koran.  Or the verses that recite these words ‘Allah guide us to the straight path, the path of those who have been blessed, not of those who have incurred Your wrath, nor of those who wander in error.’  Then Allam provides that claiming to be the most common interpretation of the verses:  “All Muslim theologians agree that ‘those who have been blessed’ are Muslims, ‘those who have incurred Your wrath’ are the Jews, ‘those who wander into error’ are Christians. So you’re in the church actually reading verses concerning the disbelievers, ie Christians and Jews.” ”

Let’s recap we have Francis washing the feet on Moslems on Holy Thursday, Francis marching arm-and-arm with Moslem invaders at a general audience, parishioners told to say the Rosary in church in silence so as not to offend Moslems, Francis tell Poland’s bishop to welcome more Moslems into their country, the koran being read at Christmas Mass, Ramadan being celebrated in church, symbolic communion given to Moslems during the Novus Ordo Missae, Moslems sleeping in churches, Francis constantly saying that Islam is a religion of peace, one of the Moslem refugees Francis helped bring into Italy call him ‘the First Moslem’, Francis say Moslems, Talmudic Jews, and Christians all worship the same God, etc... And now we have an imam come into a Cathedral as a show of fraternal solidarity because two of his fellow Moslems murdered a priest and he then proceeds to read a verse against Christians in it!  Who invited these people to Europe?  Whose country is it?  Who are the conquerors?  Who are the conquered?

Abp. Marcel Lefebvre says it best

To read more about Abp. Lefebvre’s above statement click here.


  1. French police storm barricaded church so it can be turned into parking lot Sainte-Rita #SainteRita

    In this church I belive it was celebrated the traditional mass.

  2. Film is from 1989. Most don't realize how far back these issues go (while we were all blind, deaf and dumb). Here is an article from 1990 re: Bruges convent of Poor Clares: "She declared to the police that she knew her convent was on a list where the bishop didn't allow any new nuns to come in,' the lawyer said. 'So she said, 'Why should we just let it bleed to death and let the diocese get all the goods back?' [surely it had to have been on a list for a LONG LONG (from VC2 New Church LONG) time.]

    Rorate would have you believe that began in 2003, "if deaconesses" are ever "ordained", we must do justice and call it The Vangheluwe Reform, in honor of confessed nephew-molester Bp. Roger Vangheluwe (of Bruges Belgium), who led the charge in favor of this move" But even that article cites: "Vangheluwe is not the only bishop to have raised the issue. In 1994, for example, Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini of Milan said that the moment had arrived for “serious consideration” of the question of whether women could be admitted to the diaconate."

    Most astonishing quote: "In fact, Vangheluwe said he would favor a separation between the priesthood and the diaconate, so that in the ordinary course of things priests would not first be ordained deacons. Thus the distinction between the sacramental and service roles would be clear. The bishop would be both priest and deacon." [WHEN would the bishop be ordained a deacon? Did Jesus separate the sacramental and service roles--or didn't he EMPHATICALLY combine them at the Last Supper (and Crucifixion)? Of course, nephew raper is probably outing himself (and all VC2 bishops) as trannies--it must be the main criterion to preside in pervertland.]

    Remnant had article blaming Francis (only), "I had a conversation with someone who was interested in my analysis of the contemplative nun document, that was somewhat enlightening. My friend asked, “So, what do you think was the trigger?" and hits on his attempt to suppress the "traditional" IVE in Argentina.

    But the reporting is so poor, doesn't even mention that Cardinal McCarrick (Team B chieftan) lives at the IVE seminary in U.S. now and does all their ordinations! A worse thing can happen to a traditional order than being suppressed (SSPX take note!--also Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate).

    "The only people they ordain are: illegal aliens; Older men who don't want to be a diocesan priest, but are too old for other orders; Older men who are too old even for dioceses; Men who have been kicked out of other seminaries; Men with extenuating circumstances (lack sacraments, mental illnesses, etc.)." No doubt w/McCarrick (and Sodano) in the picture: most are FLAMING FAGGOTS.

    What surprised me was that no-one mentioned: THE MONEY.

    To my mind the writing was on the wall in 1973 w/the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) War. God embargoed the oil. Repent or lose to the Philistines.

  3. Time for a parade to prison w/Team B, Bergoglio and all their hospital-nursing home-education-get-rich-ripping-off-tax-dollars to murder and corrupt the public complex:

  4. The Novus Ordo religion is nothing but overt globalist political control and propaganda. Right in front of us, Modernist Marxism/Humanism is rebranded as “culture of encounter” and is referred to – as it has been since Vatican II – as “the Church”. The frauds and the moles behave just like the EU…the only way that they can continue their big steal is to enforce compliance and censor all who remain.
    Really appreciate Abp. Lefebvre's statement. The best.

  5. The Most Holy Family Monastery (www, replied thus to a Muslim correspondent:
    I think That you people dont know anything about Islam. All the muslims believe From Adam(a) to Hazrat Isa(a)(Jesus) as you believe.But we believe one thing more that Jesus is not a God. He was one of the Most Great Prophet of God . We believe in virgin Mary.We believe in every Prophet. God send them to our world to teach us about God. They are the messenger of only one God.God is one. God told us by the Holy Quran to believe in all of this.Last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad(S) teach us to believe on that. Jews dont believe Jesus, we believe. We dont crusified him, Jews did. We are not unbelievers ,we believe more than you. I am not requesting you to learn about Quran,Please Learn your real Holy Bible first and learn that properly, Than Learn the Holy Quran. You can read the Book named “Bible Quran And Science” writer, Dr Moris bukaily.
    A Muslim

    MHFM: Contrary to what you state, we do know something about Islam. And we can demonstrate, in just one minute, why it’s a false religion. The true religion (which is the Catholic religion) cannot have blatant illogic at the heart of its teaching. Islam has blatant illogic at its heart. Islam considers Jesus to be a prophet, but it denies that He was God. Islam says that God had no Son and it repudiates the Trinity.
    The illogic is this: Jesus said and indicated that He was God many times (e.g., John 8:58). On this point one can also consult: Where does the Bible teach that Jesus is God? If He was not God (as Islam says), then He was a false prophet for claiming to be God when He was not. According to Islam, he would logically – and we say this for the sake of argument for those who, God forbid, might accept Islam as true – have to be considered a blasphemer and a false prophet. He could not logically be considered a prophet. That proves that Islam is a false religion and that it has an official teaching which is blatantly false and illogical. It proves it without even getting into the other false teachings of Islam which demonstrate that it’s a false religion which was inspired by the enemy of mankind to lead souls astray.
    Jesus Christ was God, and the Catholic religion is the one true religion. You need to convert to it and be baptized for salvation.
    Pope Eugene IV, Council of Basel, 1434: “… there is hope that very many from the abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith.”[1]
    Pope Callixtus III: “I vow to… exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet [Islam] in the East.”[2]

    [1] Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, Sheed & Ward and Georgetown University Press, 1990, Vol. 1, p. 479.
    [2] Von Pastor, History of the Popes, II, 346; quoted by Warren H. Carroll, A History of

  6. Islam is basically a mixture of Judaism,Catholicism,Arab Paganism,and the Catholic Heresies of Nestorianism and Arianism,with a dash of Satanic Death Cult dogmas.
    No wonder the adherents of Islam are demonically possessed,stupid,confused and violent.Many Muslims are the result of Cousins and half siblings marrying and having children.