Friday, August 19, 2016

The New Evangelization in Indiana

Fr. Claude Burns (aka Fr. Pontifex) warbling his song ‘Ocean’
while sitting in a rowboat in a river & walking along the bank

Claude Thomas Burns is a star of the Novus Ordo and has made several music videos such as the one above as well as spoken word videos.  It’s rumored that if one is in Evansville, Indiana and attends Theology On Tap at the local bar one can rub shoulders with him and soak up his wisdom.


  1. If anyone finds that they love the truth and wish to flee from Indiana's false Novus Ordo religion, both neighboring states, Ohio and Illinois, have the traditional Catholic Latin Mass...So move already.

  2. St.John the Baptist Catholic Church
    452 North 26th St Louisville,KY
    Pre-1950 Roman Catholic Holy Sacrifice of the Mass/pre-1950 Holy week,After Midnight Holy Communion fast,valid Roman Catholic priest.
    Sunday 9:30AM
    Saturday 8Am
    Holy Days 10AM