Tuesday, August 2, 2016

the story behind the story — WYD Kraków 2016

Eszter Cseke and Andras S. Takacs are two Hungarian ‘reporters’ who produce the show ‘On the Spot’.  This series shows, “human stories behind the news with two cameras, without a crew”.  Cseke and Takacs from appearances are assets of a government intelligence apparatus producing propaganda as they have access to world leaders and funds beyond their ‘humble’ means.

Francis’ story behind the story
From left to right: The baby grabbing Francis’ chain is the son of Cseke & Takacs, Eszter Cseke, Francis, an unidentified woman whose claim to fame is that she is the only woman Jewess who was born in Auschwitz before the liberation of the camp and survived, and Andras S. Takacs.  Francis suggested that a selfie be taken of this moment.


  1. Surprised you don't have him 'praying' (to who?) at Auschwitz. Contrast w/how he NEVER prays at one of the baby killing death shops--but actually praises as "one of the greats" a woman who bragged about murdering 10,000 babies.



    I wouldn't stand near him, as St. John said about another foul stinking false teacher and apostate, the wrath of God could kill him at any time.

    1. ...and crumble the Vatican City State into the ground.