Sunday, September 11, 2016

9/11 the ‘Noahide’ version of Purim

From the Maurice Pinay blog, 12 September 2011:

9-11 is Purim for Goys
Everywhere in the establishment media the question is being raised, "what have we learned since 9-11?" and everywhere the answers given are calculated to assure that nothing truly relevant is learned about the fundamental function of this recurring 9-11 psychodrama. Those with an understanding of the religion of Judaism will have at least a faint understanding of what has happened to the West since 9-11.

In Judaism, Judaic people are re-traumatized each year by a tale of paranoia and vengeance from the book of Esther according to which 'The Jews' are allegedly threatened with annihilation but then preemptively annihilate their perceived attackers first.

Since 9-11, the West is annually re-traumatized by a solemn retelling of the 9-11 terror attacks in a not-very-subtle justification for ongoing alleged preemptive vengeance. (Note however that 9-11 only grants Goys permission to attack 'enemies' selected for them by the Judaic establishment: people and nations constituting obstacles to the 'greater Israel' project. Goys don't have the Judaic establishment's permission to bring their real enemies to justice who very often are part of, or servants of, the Judaic establishment themselves. This may be evident to those who understand the two-tiered, double-standard nature and 'Noahide'/Judaic relationship of the religion of Judaism. 9-11 is, strictly speaking, a 'Noahide' version of Purim.

According to Judaism, the universe and everything in it exists only to serve 'The Jews.' A 'Noahide' is a non-Judaic person who has resigned himself to live according to this delusion, therefore his existence is valid only to the degree that he is a servant to Judaic interests. The paranoia and rage fostered in non-Judaic people by the annual retelling of the 9-11 terror attack is valid only to the degree that it's channeled to advance Judaic interests; in support for destruction of more countries in the proximity of the 'greater Israel' project.)

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  1. I don't understand the very top picture.

    1. It's a child dressed as Osama bin Laden in Israel for Purim.

      Talk about mockery!

    2. This is the original poster.
      I personally believe Bin Laden was a Jewish agent working freelance for the Mossad.
      (I don't believe the official 9/11 story...the bombs going off after the explosions in the twin towers is never given coverage on MSM Mainstream Media)