Thursday, September 22, 2016

Assisi V

Listen to the Talmudists gloat about how the Novus Ordo shares the same goals as their rabbis and then chastise those [Catholics] who don’t want to dialogue and change [become noahides].  As usual Francis says the opposite of what he does and promotes the kabbalistic ‘Tikkun Olam’ with prayer to false gods.

Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.


  1. What lies these devils weave as they practice to deceive!

    @34: watch Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great (along w/Jimmy Savile!) Rabbi David Rosen of the American Jewish committee prattle about the sanctity of life and protecting the family: but like the stinking rat fink anti-Christ Fairy Whore Bergoglio who praises communist abortionists as "one of Italy's greats" he (like Rabbi Skorka also featured in this video & Cardinal Danneels whore's side kick in perverting the family!) is working to keep abortion legal: "NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism continues to affirm its strong opposition to any further weakening, limitation, or withdrawal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade; ... must be diligent in the efforts to safeguard and preserve the full personal and religious freedom (which is legalized abortion!) given to the American people; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism opposes any legislative attempt through constitutional amendments, the deprivation of Medicaid, family services and/or other current welfare services, to weaken the force of the US Supreme Court's decision permitting choice; encourages the various provinces of Canada and the Canadian government to preserve the rights of all women to legal abortions."

    Rosen also supports like rat fink anti-Christ Fairy Whore Bergoglio a SECULAR government:

    And through his wife, if not he himself, is busy promoting the LGBT agenda all throughout the U.S. and the world (like Whore Bergoglio & Rabbi Skorka): "He is married to Sharon (née Rothstein), who co-directs the Jerusalem office of Search for Commion Ground (see"

    ProAbort & Sodomy Rabbi Skorka being awarded by the Vatican (just like Rosen!):

    WHY are 100,000 babies murdered a day? Why is assisted suicide & euthanasia being legalized? Why is Hilary Clinton Universal Death Care, abortion supporter, child rapist defender, defrauder of the poor, drug seller speaking at Catholic Charities?

    Why are the protestants preaching the Incarnation of Christ, and sin and repentance? Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how they don't want my money but JUSTICE and MERCY for the babies.

    "Because they have deceived my people, saying: Peace, and there is no peace: and the people built up a wall, and they daubed it with dirt without straw." Ezek 13:10

    "When distress cometh upon them, they will seek for peace and there shall be none." Ezek 7:25
    "And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying: Peace, peace: and there was no peace." Jer 6:14

  2. "certainly a fetus is life. But life and a human being are not the same thing for Judaism. Life becomes a human being only with birth."
    And that's why Pharisee David Rosen don't luv nor care for his neighbor the unborn baby, but praze for piece.

    The more these fakes talk about 'peace' and the dignity of the human person and 'rebuilding based on civility and respecting differences' (vs Jesus Christ), the more they slaughter the innocents and praise as great those who slaughter...Woe to those Catholics who call themselves 'prolife' and yet pray w/these satan worshipers. Too bad CNS don't show the animists, the hindus, and the witch doctors...
    Surely aren't they doin' some animal sacrificin' to really get the gods' attention and bring about peace?
    Where are the pics of the animal sacrifices?

    Where are the Satanists? Surely Whore Bergoglio wouldn't discriminate against those who believe in the ONE DEVIL? We know they have their little room stripped of the crucifix to say black masses and sacrifice babies and behead statues of the Virgin Mary.
    We know the pervert Cardinals are joining in...

    "A black mass simply is not a black mass without the ritual sacrifice of life, typically a puppy or some other small animal, and the ritualistic rape of a virgin, standing, of course, in for the Blessed Mother. So what I fear, is that whenever these “black masses” occur, even in public, there is a twinned black mass occurring simultaneously at a hidden locale where these abominations really do take place."

    And where are the women Whore Bergoglio invited to perform human sacrifice (surely the Rabbis wouldn't object to the great communist bonino bringing her bike pump--after all a fetus is not a person!)

    Great Bicycle pump baby murderers--sacrificin'non-humans for peace.

    Surely the Masons are in on the black magic witchcraft too, but where are the pics CNS (open Masons vs Cardinals Protestants and Jews in drag)? "In 1980, New York’s Terrance Cooke, one of America’s most powerful Catholic cardinals, addressed a gathering of 3,000 Masons. Cardinal Cooke electrified the assemblage when he said that, as friends, Masons and Catholics should recognize each other. Refraining from mentioning the name of Jesus–the name despised by many Masons and prohibited inside their lodges–Cardinal Cooke bowed to Masonry’s worst heresy by remarking, “I know of your firm belief in the Supreme Being, the Great Architect of the Universe, and of the holy writings appropriate to the religion of your members, and I salute you for your loyalty to these ancient values.”"

    Surely these freaks are doing all they can to bring about peace--not just 'prayin' to the devil? Why don't CNS show the pics? Let us really see Whore Bergoglio in action! He can't kneel to the Blessed Sacrament; can't attend the fake Eucharistic Congress, but I bet he's a real whiz in secret w/the knife to sacrifice innocents.

  3. On two separate occasions President Obama began a speech with "all men are created equal"and just where does President Obama think human beings are created .if not in the womb .That is how totally hypocritical the leaders of today are.According to American law an infant has no human rights while in the womb ,but when legalising same sex marriage ,he begins his speech ,all are created equal.

  4. Maybe so called roman Catholic Gavin Mcinnes can kiss Milo Yianoppoulos for Assisi VI.
    IMO Gavin McInnes is controlled opposition making sure the "Alt-Right" accepts Homosexuals.
    A true blue Roman Catholic married man w/children wouldn't EVER kiss man,no matter what the consequence!!!!!!

    1. Gavin McInnes supports Zionism and promoted misogyny with his ‘Vice Magazine’. He is most certainly controlled opposition. The godfather of the hipster movement is a total scumbag.

    2. He was let go from Vice a few years ago.His business partner bought him & made him leave.
      I do know for a fact he supports every type of Anti-Christ sexual deviancy.I have heard him say horrible things during interviews.

  5. Bought him out & made him leave Vice*
    Also Gavin"s website Street Carnage displays immoral erotica pics.
    I had to stop going on the site 2 years ago due to his choice of 'Entertainment'.