Saturday, September 24, 2016

His Humbleness, Francis the Hypocrite

“We must allow the light of the faith to go forth, to make it shine before men. We must not extinguish it...”

Francis, do you mean like this?

Francis letting the Light of Jesus the Christ ‘shine’.

Looks like this is an old tradition of yours!



  1. Light of faith in lies. Light of faith in the devil. Light of faith in the one who only comes to kill, steal and destroy...

    You nailed it. Cover up Jesus Christ, imprison or suppress all those who worship Him, ignore the Christians, like Asia Bibi, being slaughtered by Muslims, insist Christendom be over-run by same Muslims, and relentlessly promote oneself (no matter how many publicists and how much money has to be spent)--that's 'umble bergie's creed...

    1. There's been an unbelievable-frightening amount of ignorance and lack of catechesis-knowledge amongst the Novus Ordo for 5 consecutive decades.
      Many of the novus ordo types would think its humble and respectful for Jorge to cover the Crucifix and bow to Rivka,the non believing Jew.
      Its a win win for Jorge.He can show his true Zionist loyalty,deny Jesus Christ our blessed Lord God & Saivor,AND he can fool the naive uniformed novus ordo lay people into thinking he is "humble" "respectful" "considerate".
      This man has an ability to turn most situations into a positive for himself.
      He is not stupid,nor is he naive and weak.
      Jorge is street smart and has been in the leftist movement for decades.
      Do not underestimate him or his cohorts.