Friday, September 23, 2016

the new evangelization in the United States of America


  1. This is similar to 'New Catholic Generation'
    These folks are anything & everything except Roman Catholic.
    I doubt the more conservative Old Catholics & Eastern Orthodox would accept these ecumenical coffeehouse hipsters.

  2. What's so sad is to look at the youth's face. He knows what is going on is wrong. He is being corrupted by sick perverts.

    "Already with Kollar" the current Pope taught bad words his nephew who is also named Jorge and at the same time was his godchild, to their own displeasure, so Maria Elena Bergoglio. That led to an embarrassing situation, as her brother "at an important service" started to preach with many priests and her son in the surprise at the sight of the uncle "a very bad expression" - for all sound can be heard - in the silence. 'After mass, Jorge came to us and could stop no longer laughing', so the sister. In addition, her brother have dived the pacifier of the child in whisky."

    "He used to spoil my boys, his nephews, all the time. He once gave my oldest a pork chop to gnaw on when was just six months old. Everyone knows you don’t do that to a child of that age. “And he taught them both to drive before their feet could reach the pedals,” she said."

    "Monsignor drove a Chevy Corvair. He would let some kids steer the car while sitting between his legs as he manipulated the foot pedals with his feet."