Monday, September 26, 2016

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were busy meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, Francis on Monday was having the Vatican’s annual private audience with _________.

One would believe that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be taking the day off as it was Sunday, the day Christians set aside for God.  Nope, even though they have their first debate tonight on Monday the two candidates for the presidency of the Federal government of the United States of America found time to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday — 90 minutes for Trump and 50 minutes for Clinton.  Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?  Besides being the current Prime Minister of Israel and the Chairman of the Likud party, Netanyahu is the architect of the ‘War on Terror’.  This never ending war was sold to government policy makers in July 1979 at the “Jerusalem Conference” hosted by the Netanyahu Institute.  Essentially it is Israeli propaganda that has been used to deceive the West into destroying Israel’s enemies for the Zionist state or to put it another way, it is the war strategy of Israel.  The United States of America has been fully on board with this since 9/11 happened.   Trump and Clinton both groveled on Sunday before Netanyahu pledging their steadfast support to the state of Israel.

And on Monday, Francis had his annual private audience with the shakedown artists known as the World Jewish Congress.  Francis met with several old friends and proposed that they go on a joint journey together to make the world safer!  Let’s see, Ronald Lauder the president of the World Jewish Congress (the then Chairman of the New York State Research Council on Privatization) made the world safer when he saw to it that the World Trade Center was to be privatized when he leased it to the Zionist — Larry Silverstein in July of 2001.  He’s presently helping make Europe more secure by advocating for the illegal Moslem invaders arriving daily each day.  If you are not welcoming of these Moslems, Lauder says one is a neo-Nazi.  Lauder then has the nerve or should we say chutzpah to go around the world claiming he is the best friend the Christians have ever had in speech after speech because he speaks out about the atrocities being committed against Christians in various Middle Eastern countries which have happened only because his Zionist friends help put into power the Salafist-Moslems that carry out these crimes. Lauder’s open border and welcome the refugee policy applies only to the West, you can forget Israel.  What can one say other than that’s the Talmudic standard for you!  The public will only find out what was discussed by Francis and the World Jewish Congress if the WJC releases a press release.  Call Me Jorge... bets that the WJC was giving Francis his speaking points for the upcoming Jewish year and Francis was assuring the WJC of his unwavering support.  One last question?  Will Francis once again celebrate the Talmudic/Kabbalistic holiday of Rosh Hashanah with Mr. Lauder?



  1. Sure all the "christians" got their sacks full of cash--jews are equal opportunity employers...

  2. These pictures indicate nothing is going to change no matter who gets elected.
    The Vatican has been occupied by Zionists-Satanists since early 1951 or so.I literally expect these novus ordo clowns to salivate over Israeli politicians.
    Its amazing people in the novus ordo call Jorge "holy Father". The more I think about it calling him "Holy Father" is blasphemy.

    1. To the topic in your first sentence...Whether you are an American (who is going to vote) or a European, I would like to offer the following link to understand where the US is right now in its secular governance and to grasp the enormity of what Trump is doing. Over the centuries, Almighty God has used many leaders and rulers to a good and profitable end who were not Catholic. And it is just so that America has a healthy pre-Vatican II Catholic presence among its citizenry. Saint Helena, ora pro nobis.

    2. I and the majority of adults in a 200 mile radius of my hometown seem to be voting for D.Trump.
      With that said,I am not expecting much to change for the better.
      Its my belief until Abortion & "Same Sex Marriage" are banned and outlawed,our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ will rightfully NOT bestow blessings on this disobedient,sinful,murdering nation.
      That's not even taking into consideration women being paid by our GOVT to not have a husband/father in the house.

    3. Quite so. Thank you. Our Lady of Guadalupe, ora pro nobis.

  3. It is likely that Netanyahu gave out that Sunday was the only day available to schedule these meetings. To have a prominent political meeting on Sunday is just not done. For Clinton, she is not a Christian and she is not even keeping up appearances of respecting Christian America. Trump is a Christian, but his denomination, like most Protestant denominations, are lax with regard to their obedience to the Commandments. CMJ is probably the only site where we will find this Sunday meeting called out, even though I bet many people were taken aback by it. It would have been better for Trump to decline, as in, "Not on Sunday...the optics are bad". This Jewish man is not for Christianity nor is he for America First. Way to go, Netanyahu.
    24 Sept
    CNN - The meetings were arranged in the last 24 hours and will take place in New York City, one of the sources told CNN. This source added that the meeting with Trump came to fruition following a phone call between the GOP nominee's representatives and Netanyahu's office after it was clear that a similar meeting was going to take place with Clinton.
    Another source disputed that account, saying Trump's camp reached an agreement with Netanyahu's office first.

    24 Sept Haaretz
    The senior official said that the meetings between Netanyahu and the candidates materialized during the last 24 hours, starting with a phone call Trump's aides held with the prime minister's advisors. Once it was clear that a meeting between the two was possible, Netanyahu's office contacted Clinton's campaign and asked to hold a meeting with her too, in order to keep the balance.

    24 Sept
    The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed Friday night that the meetings will take place, as did the Clinton campaign. The Trump campaign followed suit hours later.
    A senior Israeli official in New York said Thursday that neither Clinton nor Trump had asked to meet with Netanyahu, according to a Bloomberg report.

    21 Sept
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would meet either of the two presidential candidates if they were to ask, a senior Israeli official in New York said on condition of anonymity.