Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another sign from God

If you are a dove and see Francis coming, run away!

The Midas Francis touch!

The German blog Nur ein Kreuzknappe (Only a Crusader’s squire) reported earlier today that on Friday evening a peace dove Francis released skyward promptly flew smack dab into a wall!  No, we at Call Me Jorge... are not kidding.  The peace dove really did fly into the wall surrounding the courtyard of the Church of St. Shimun Bar Sabbae in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Francis was at the church to pray with, meet, and speak to the Chaldean and the Assyrian Catholics of Georgia on Friday, 30 September 2016.  Social media went into a buzz — wondering what had happened to the poor bird.  Thanks to the reporter Alan Holdren, who is covering the papal trips to Georgia and Azerbaijan for the Catholic News Agency and EWTN, we have the answer.


We couldn’t think of a more blatant sign of Francis’ rule than a dove of peace blindly taking an impromptu flight into a wall and falling to the ground.  Thankfully the bird was unhurt, unlike all the souls Francis is leading to perdition with his un-Catholic pronouncements and behaviors.

Remember the peace doves kerfuffle of 2014?

Maybe in the future, Francis will want to request children in foreign countries hand him ‘balloons of peace’ to release skyward as he now does at the Vatican or better yet the doves of the world could unionize.

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  1. I'd fully understand why peace doves would unionise. No point flying for Chaos Frank without danger money.

  2. Our blessed lord Jesus Christ is giving mankind visual signs the novus ordo is a false Anti-Christ organization.

  3. If you are a little boy and see Bergoglio coming, run away as fast as you can before he can put his filthy paws on you.

  4. Doves are great kumbaya, but in the real world doves are preyed upon. Crows, gulls, hawks - we've seen it. Doves belong in the dovecote or cooing around the house, not making religious statements for the masses.

    Pope Francis and hormonal doves that fly into things can't compete with real magicians like Dynamo.

    People are tired of kumbaya anyway. They want signs and wunderz. Take Dynamo, for example, who walks on water and publicly levitates. This really wows the rubes like nothing since Simon Magus.

    The Novus Ordo should give this man a contract. Maybe he could levitate over the popemobile or walk over to the Vatican on the Tiber.

    Here is a Dynamo clip - he walks on the Thames (look mum no hands) at 1.40.
    'God' in Disguise

  5. No dove is safe in the hands of the BoR......where have all the people gone, long time passing, weren't they million and million attending his Mass, were they? Countless lies.