Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Saint John Paul II Day!

15 Great Moments of Saint John Paul II courtesy of Jim Smith

...and a few photos too!

(click to enlarge)

John Paul II & the Mark of Shiva


  1. Thanks for the 15 moments and fotos of the greatest voodoo-rabbi-pope ever. Earlier I was reading about St Vincent Ferrer who went into synagogues and converted 1,000's to Catholicism, showing true Christian compassion to the lost members of the serpent cult. JP2 can't possibly be considered the head of the same church that produced St. Vincent.

  2. He was the living spirit of Anti-Christ.
    No wonder the world loved him so much.

  3. Sinner against the First Commandment. Heretic. Blasphemer. Judas. Making him a saint is the worse mockery of true saints and those martyred for the true faith the demons in the counterfeit church could have done.