Sunday, October 23, 2016

Selfie Sunday #14 — Francis is photobombed a dog!

This selfie pose is something else!  A dog photobombs Francis, a coexist tattoo makes an appearance, as does the Red Communist Chinese flag — all on the steps leading from St. Peter’s Square to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City State!

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The Novus Ordo is all about ME!!!

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  1. The English bishop William Kenney is a key figure in the official Catholic-Lutheran dialogue, and will be with Pope Francis in Sweden at the end of the month. He believes unity is a matter of decades away, and it's very possible that Francis may use the trip to make a gesture on inter-communion.

    The consensus of the 1999 document on justification stated, if I’ve understood it correctly, that the reasons for the Catholics condemning the Protestant positions and vice-versa no longer hold, and if ever each Church did hold the position that the other said they did, what is now true is that neither Church no longer holds that position. In other words, the Reformation was all a big misunderstanding!

    I think it’s very important that people know that the Reformation was a great misunderstanding, we all got it wrong, on both sides, and we’ve lifted excommunications and condemnations and apologized. So we can all be friends.

    Of course, you’ll find certain Catholics and certain Lutherans still claiming the other holds those positions, but they are not representative of the mainstream positions of the Churches. The document was approved by Rome, which binds Catholics whether they like it or not; the Lutherans are made up of about 100 churches, and there were about 37 who didn’t, back then, sign up to it. Some have come into line since.

  2. Kumbya,mazel tov,salaam,uh anything except Roman Catholicism for Jorge.

  3. It's possible that the dog is more Catholic than Bergoglio in that the dog never strays from Logos, but Bergoglio attacks Logos every chance he gets. What a bonus to have a coexist tattoo and chicom flag together with the Blaspheming Argentinian seems the era of noahide is upon us.

  4. The lead photo is probably the best I've seen yet of the Argentinian Perp.

  5. Sums up the Francis fauxpontificate perfectly I think.

  6. Roman Catholics need some sort of unity.
    SSPV,Bishop Sanborn,CMRI,Bishop Slupski,etc...need some sort of visual unity.
    We are all alone without a voice or presence.

  7. Cuidado vocês sempre ávidos da maldizer o Papa, estão todos pecando contra o sexto manamento: "honrar pai e mãe". Não há a mínima prova de que essa foto seja verdadeira. Não se percam por serem afoitos.