Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Straight from Jorge’s mouth

Those who follow God’s Law are hypocritical or they are sick!


  1. People also suffer very much when they are sent to hell for disobeying God's law, Francis.

  2. TO LIE is to speak against one’s mind. To lie is to speak against your mind, knowing that what you are saying is not what is in your mind. It is contrary to the nature of the faculty of speech given to us by God to tell the truth. The lie therefore is intrinsically evil. It is a lie even to lead someone to believe an untruth even though you do not state it. If you purposely leave someone deceived, you have lied. Lying is a lack of justice towards one’s neighbor and it is also a misuse of a faculty given to us by God. – from a sermon by Bishop Donald Sanborn

    A lie is a foul blot in a man, and yet it will be continually in the mouth of men without discipline. – Ecclesiaticus 20:26

  3. Bergoglio, I will not follow you. I am a sinner, and yet you give me poison?

  4. You can see this:

    Number 154.

  5. If you look at Francis through Luther ,He makes perfect sense.