Saturday, October 1, 2016

The ‘Humble’ Francis Show plays to a lackluster crowd

Blue skies and empty seats at the Mikheil Meskhi stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Francis shared this gem about ecumenism,
“There is a big sin against ecumenism: proselytism.  You must never proselytize the Orthodox.  They are our brothers and sisters, disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Francis offered a few new beatitudes as well;

“Blessed are those Christian communities who live this authentic Gospel simplicity!  Poor in means, they are rich in God.”
“Blessed are the Shepherds who do not ride the logic of worldly success, but follow the law of love: welcoming, listening, serving.”
“Blessed is the church who does not entrust herself to the criteria of functionalism and organizational efficiency, nor worries about her image.”

What a farce!

Here's the entire mess.

A brief Reuters news story covering his visit.

or watch by clicking here


  1. Now the attendance would be low because Georgian are mainly Orthodox Schismatics, but the nonsense of this anti-Francis, this mocker of the saint after whom he is named, continues to scandalise.

  2. I would love to ask Mr.Bergoglio why the Saints and Martyrs died if Ecumenicism is biblical and Catholic???
    Ecuminism is false,wrong,and goes against the teaching and belief of the Roman Catholic church.
    Pope Eugene IV Council of Florence is who Catholics listen to,not Mr.Bergoglio.

  3. "A Sept. 28 statement from the Orthodox patriarchate said they were not going to participate because of "existing dogmatic differences" between the Orthodox and Catholic communities."
    It's pretty late in the day for these people to not know that Novusordoism is not Catholicism. Or could they just be keeping up appearances?

    1. I think the Orthodox (not just the Vatican Novus Ordo) have been infiltrated-compromised by Zionism and other satanic forces.
      Its very obvious the novus ordo of 2016 is not the Roman Catholic church of 1945.

    2. Protestants in the US say that this is also happening in many of their churches.
      Yes, it is obvious but it would go a long way if the media and everyone else for that matter would say it publicly then. If this happened the Novus Ordo religion would no longer be allowed to call itself "Catholic" or it would be sued for fraud. At that point, it would be less of a sham. Then they could be made to give back all the Catholic real estate that they took by stealth, beginning with the Vatican City State.