Friday, November 4, 2016

A cardboard cut-out of Francis shows up at John Podesta’s “pizza party”

Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, John Podesta throws a “pizza party” which has a cardboard cut-out of Francis in attendance.  Part of the WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails are the two photos attached to the email below which in part reads, “Attached are pictures that capture some of the spirit of the evening - at a couple of different levels.”  Is this a cryptic reference to what happened at the party?  Or is it alluding to steganography — hiding data in the photo images?  One would think with Francis’ homosexual policy that he would gladly accept Podesta’s ideas for plotting a ‘Catholic Spring’.  The photo with cardboard Francis shows very effectively how little respect Francis and his revolutionary papacy have with the Democrat Party in the United States of America.  What else will turn up in the #PodestaEmails?

Cardboard Francis rubbing shoulders with ‘the peripheries’
bureaucrats serving the cryptocracy at John Podesta’s “pizza party”.

Tony Podesta serving cake at his brother John’s ‘pizza party’


  1. Did you here about Podesta & Hillary worshipping Satan?

  2. I wouldn't be the least bit suprised to see Bergoglio hanging out with John Podesta. Two peas in a pod. Podesta's Catholic spring is right out of Bergoglio's playbook, the talmud.

  3. Bill (Bubba) Clinton told Larry Nichols (as Nichols has told the story on infowars) that Hillary would often go out to California to hang out and 'commune' with her coven witch girl friends.
    Although there is more than sufficient evidence from the wikileaks to investigate all of the people involved with Comet Pizza and Besta Pizza, it won't happen. Just like no one ever went to jail with the Omaha, NE (Franklin Bank) scandal and cover up 20 years ago.
    The laws are for the little people not for the cabal.