Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Athanasius Schneider says, “Schism already exists in the Church”

Athanasius Schneider can’t help but spread his 
conservative modernist errors wherever he goes!

“It is not only a risk of schism, but a certain kind of schism already exists in the Church.  In Greek, schism means to separate oneself from the totality of the body.  Christ is the totality of Divine Truth, and unity in His supernatural body is also visible.   But we are witnessing today a strange form of schism.  Externally, numerous ecclesiastics safeguard formal unity with the pope, at times for the good of their own career or out of a kind of papolatry.  And at the same time they have broken their ties with Christ, the Truth, and with Christ, true head of the Church.  On the other hand there are  ecclesiastics who are denounced as schismatics despite the fact they live in canonical peace with the pope and remain faithful to Christ, the Truth by assiduously promoting His Gospel of Truth.  It is evident that those who are internally the true schismatics, in relation to Christ, make use of calumnies for the sole purpose of silencing the voice of Truth, by absurdly projecting their own state of internal schism on those ecclesiastics who, regardless of praise or rebuke, defend the divine truths.  In fact, as Sacred Scripture says, the word of Divine Truth is not bound.  Even if a number of high-ranking officials in the Church today temporarily obscure the truth of the doctrine of marriage and its perennial discipline, this doctrine and discipline will always remain unchangeable in the Church, because the Church is not a human foundation but a divine one.”
— Athanasius Schneider  —


Schism is defined by Schneider as — having union with the pope but not with Christ!

Only a modernist could come up with an idea like this!

A handy guide for the confused conservative modernist, Athanasius Schneider, explaining schism:

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  1. Schneider is sorta right. These new schismatics are in union with the pope, who is a schismatic himself. Though that's not what Schneider meant, I understand.

  2. Ignore Mr.Schneider,he isn't a valid priest nor a bishop.
    He belongs to the new order (novus ordo) and doesn't practice nor belong to the Roman Catholic Faith.

  3. Although this person belongs to modernist church but some of his ideas are very important indeed to at least lead people to the true faith.

  4. I read it twice and I'm still confused. And we know confusion and the double mind is of devils.
    However, I think Schneider is speaking for himself because he can't decide in which camp he resides. He is double minded.
    So, he either doesn't know the truth or is too afraid to state it clearly. Either way, he's of no use to Catholics.