Monday, December 5, 2016

Francis is an active participant in the destruction of Europe

Ever wonder why Jorge Mario Bergoglio was selected?

“In Those Days Jesus Christ Will Send Them Not A True Pastor, But A Destroyer.” 

It’s simply that he is in cahoots with the cryptocracy.  Ever see someone decry the behavior of the international bankers while simultaneously assisting them by getting the poor to refinance their debts?  Yup, that’s Francis ‘the humble’.  Listen to Francis publicly lament NGOs, the mafia, human traffickers, and slavery while at the same time he shares in their goal of the destruction of Europe.  After all who is the biggest champion of the Moslem invaders? 

The supposed migrants being ‘rescued’ at sea during the 
months of October & November are in reality being shipped to Italy directly from Africa by NGOs, smugglers, and the mafia.

“Each of them has a name, a face, and a story as well as an inalienable right to live in peace and to aspire to a better future for their sons and daughters.”

Francis doesn’t care which continent the Moslem invaders come from as long as they come to Europe to conquer under the banners of ‘Compassion’ and ‘Mercy’.

In his own words...

...“In God’s heart there are no enemies. God only has sons and daughters. We are the ones who raise walls, build barriers and label people. God has sons and daughters, precisely so that no one will be turned away.”

...“We see, for example, how quickly those among us with the status of a stranger, an immigrant, or a refugee, become a threat, take on the status of an enemy. An enemy because they come from a distant country or have different customs. An enemy because of the color of their skin, their language or their social class. An enemy because they think differently or even have a different faith.”

...“We come from distant lands; we have different traditions, skin colour, languages and social backgrounds; we think differently and we celebrate our faith in a variety of rites. None of this makes us enemies; instead, it is one of our greatest riches.” 

Francis and his adoring fans know what the game is.  Do you?


  1. “…globalism and neoliberalism are in retreat”.-Gefira
    As elections in Europe and the Americas may begin to turn the tide, let us look forward to the illegal and criminal Vatican neoliberalist sect in retreat as well! Thank you Call Me Jorge for another timely and succinct report.

    Janus-faced “Francis is an active participant in the destruction of Europe” AND the West. The neoliberal Novus Ordo sect in the US, has been and is, all in with destroyer Jorge’s war of attrition using the Mahomedans as a proxy army.
    Website ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch’ reports on this topic. In the link below, the Novus Ordo scam “charities” are fully represented. It is worth noting that editor Ann Corcoran adds in an aside, “it is critical to pay attention to Trump cabinet picks for State and for HHS.” Why? Because, these are the US departments enabling this invasion through the UN.

    …there are nine major federally funded ‘non-profit’ groups that receive funding (some as much as 98% of their budget) from mainly the US Department of State (Population Refugees and Migration) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement which is in Health and Human Services. … Smaller federal grants come from other agencies as well.
    Here they are:
    · Church World Service (CWS)
    · Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC) (secular)
    · Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM)
    · Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
    · International Rescue Committee (IRC) (secular)
    · US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) (secular)
    · Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS)
    · United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
    · World Relief Corporation (WR)
    Then working for them are hundreds of subcontractors scattered across 49 states. Go here to the government’s data base of resettlement subcontractors (aka affiliates) working in your state.

    1. Very good comment; its really breathtaking to see the scope of the forces arrayed against us, especially in your list of rapefugee human trafickers, and to awaken to the horrific fact that the present vatican and NO church in general is a co-conspirator. The tide is slowly turning, and the whole NWO ediface, as powerful as it appears, is destined to fall as it is constructed entirely on lies and deception. When it falls will there be any Catholics left to re-establish Christendom? I believe against all hope there will be.

  2. Jesus acted to cast out demons, to destroy the kingdom of Satan. Jorge is helping to build it and aids the demons to grow among us.

  3. It's surreal why these people are being shipped into the West. Why aren't Westerners being shipped into their countries? OH. YEAH. RIGHT -- THAT's COLONIALISM!!!! COLONIALISM IS BADDDDDDDDD! But those people invading and trashing our countries, declaring our presidential inauguration "bloody friday," murdering and raping our women and children... that's WHAT AGAIN? BUCKS FOR BISHOPS!!!! BUCKS FOR FRANCIS! Bucks, bucks, bucks! Worship the almighty buck!!!

  4. There is no need for multitude of words to describe Bergoglio. It comes down to this - he is either ignorant or malevolent. I really hopes it's the first, but whichever it is, he is doing real damage to his flock.

    1. Yes, he's doing real damage to his flock, but the powers that be choiced this guy for the job, that's Killary and.friends agenda, and, believe me, he's doing it ok, end of the RCC and of over. Wish us luck.

  5. Infamous heretic taking selfie with the invader ,the fact is maybe he want to become next grand mufti of Masonic State Italy .

    El Proyecto Musical Del Papa Francisco Y Camilo Sesto
    The new song "Our Father", Camilo Sesto, also with the Francis' voice.
    Camilo Sesto was a actor in "Jesus Christ superstar".


  8. White girls seem to love dark men & white men are self hating passive sports addict's.
    These are all symptoms of Jewish funded feminism and the watering down of the Institutional Catholic Church.
    Sedevacantist chapels are where the true faith is being held in these dark days.
    Ever wonder why so many 'Catholic media personalities' preach against Sedevacantism? They may be wolves in sheep's clothing.
    Be alert and live Catholic!

    1. Plus Jorge is a Marrano Jew and he wants to see the white race and white former catholic nations destroyed!