Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Francis may not want to clarify Amoris Laetitia but Antonio Spadaro has no qualms doing so

 Laughing while they trash the Catholic Faith

Francis’ cold call buddy and editor of the “mouthpiece” of Francis and his revolutionary agenda, La Civiltà Cattolica, only two days ago gave an answer in an interview with Austin Ivereigh which was jaw-dropping to say the least.

Austen Ivereigh: The cardinals [Caffarra, Burke, Brandmuller, and Meisner who submitted 5 dubia] want to know whether Amoris Laetitia ever makes possible absolution and Holy Communion for people who are still validly married but having sexual relations with another. They claim that hasn’t been made clear.
Antonio Spadaro: I think that the answer to that has been given, and clearly. When the concrete circumstances of a divorced and remarried couple make feasible a pathway of faith, they can be asked to take on the challenge of living in continence. Amoris Laetitia does not ignore the difficulty of this option, and leaves open the possibility of admission to the Sacrament of Reconciliation when this option is lacking.
In other, more complex circumstances, and when it has not been possible to obtain a declaration of nullity, this option may not be practicable. But it still may be possible to undertake a path of discernment under the guidance of a pastor, which results in a recognition that, in a particular case, there are limitations which attenuate responsibility and guilt - particularly where a person believes they would fall into a worse error, and harm the children of the new union.

Well, there you have it. 

Extra marital relations are now a moral duty!

Long Live adultery! 


  1. Why bother with the crooked words of "a witless worm?"

    "I simply posted a screenshot from the Lord of the Rings movie without any comment, in which Saruman says, ‘to bandy crooked words with a witless worm’. The reference was to myself, not to anyone else."

  2. They're always taking care of the children--like his sister for instance. How much harm could it have done her sons if she were denied communion (and "the right" to be a catechist) and how many "husbands" living w/"the children"?

    "Jose Ignacio is 32 years old and his girlfriend, Marina Wall, founded “Making a Mess” a civil association that carries out humanitarian work in Argentina. The name came from the speech that Pope Francis gave youth during his visit to Brazil." [And the money came from: George Soros or patsies who send their hard earned money from working a job to the Vatican? Wonder what job he had before he got this one?] http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/articulo/nacion/sociedad/2016/02/10/el-tio-jorge-retrato-familiar

    "The second robbery of the pope's nephew revives the fear of insecurity in Buenos Aires"


    "Jose Ignacio Bergoglio, Papa's nephew, and his girlfriend, founded "Making a mess" that has already served 10,000 poor people: "It started as an activity with which we wanted to be closer to God"

    “Now José Ignacio lives with his girlfriend and dreams that when he marries his uncle will officiate the ceremony. ‘I asked him, maybe it’s not possible but it is my desire,’ he reveals.” [probably his uncle will be dead before neph can make a commitment]

    The other son, 5 yrs older, works "independently" while living w/his mother...



  3. Giving Communion to those who want to maintain adulterous relations,Bergoglian Hersey becoming far more worse then Albigensian or Arian hersey.

  4. Yet the "SSPX" want to join this wicked demonic monster?!?!

  5. And I'm over at Lifesite News' site trying to talk sense to people who seem not to have a clue that this will become church teaching (not Catholic Church teaching of course but what passes for the Catholic Church) whether it's an ex cathedra pronouncement or not.
    The vast majority of people in the Catholic (sic) church don't know where Italy is on the map, nor do they know that Francis' birth name is Bergoglio. They don't know an ex cathedra pronouncement from a Sunday sermon. And they don't care. All they know is that the Catholic (sic) Church now allows you to do WHATEVER THE BLAZES you want and you can demand anything from the 'priest'. And guess what, the ACLU will help you sue the pant off of that nasty (pretend) Catholic parish, if they don't comply with your wishes.
    Ask and it shall be given unto you!! Yahoo.
    I'm going back and forth with idiot commenters at LifeSite News who think they can pray their way out of this one or 'wait for the next Pope (sic) to speak' ---as if the NEXT judeophile is going to revert to Catholicism and say, "just kidding; it was all a big joke".

    1. You're wasting your time friend.Pray for them because they don't care and you are wasting your effort and time on people who don't care.