Monday, December 26, 2016

Pharisee Timothy Dolan & Company on Christmas

“It’s not at all obvious there is a war against Christmas, looks to me the whole world is Christmas...”

In that same year of A.D. 2009 Pharisee Dolan...

...went to the Jewish temple Congregation Emanu-El in New York City and lit the menorah on the 11th of December under the watchful eye of Rabbi Dr. David Posner for the Talmudic hoax, known as Hanukkah,

and had the world’s largest public menorah display in his diocese at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue created by Yaacov Agam and paid for by the Chabad-Lubavitchers!


  1. (((Cuck of the Week)))

  2. Dolan is the supreme traitor/double agent preparing the way for the Bergoglian one world church of noahide sodomy. He is practically the living icon of judeo churchianity in total subserviance to godless false judaism, and watching him bobbing his empty head to the rabbis denouncing Christ makes my blood boil. Dolan and rabbi are both awaiting their messiah, what most of us would call Antichrist.

  3. Also the man who wined and dined with War criminal, traitor, satanist, chief financier & spokeswoman of Abortion Hilary Clinton. But hey he's the one who's going to call down our Blessed Lord into the sacrificial host right?