Thursday, December 1, 2016

The convicts at Italy’s prison in Ferrara dance for Francis!

“The Pope has opened the doors of the Church embracing the most diverse cultures, accepting and welcoming people from different religious beliefs, showing us that we can live together in harmony under the same roof, in spite of our differences, just as we are doing today.  We thank him because he gave us two hours of escapism.”

The all-male prison has inmates from three continents — Europe, Africa, Asia — and four religions — Novus Ordo, Orthodox, Protestant, Islam —



  1. What a shameless self-promoting whore--all one has to do is worship Bergoglio and one is "saved" least an evangelical would put Jesus on the shirt somewhere.

    What these VC2 Herodians have done while the hypocritical 'faithful' pharisees keep walkin'right along w/them. At least the samaritans are honest about their divorces and birth control.

  2. So much for "diversity" -- all dressed alike; all moving alike; an army of perverse criminals (vs repentant sinners), proclaiming 'pop' is King; Pope is God (vs the cross/music of heaven/Christ is King), marching to hell and forcing all to go march w/them like the Socialist Fascist/Communists. Sure won't be long before will be raping and murdering like the gangs of Sodom and Dan to the applause of Francis and his sodomite, pedophile, satan worshiping perverts.