Friday, December 2, 2016

the new evangelization in the United Kingdom

The electronic dance music genre bring us Francis’ “mercy”.

Which is worse, the immodestly dressed vapid singer belting out vacuous lyrics or the dancing Novus Ordo prelate who makes an ass out of himself?

More of Frankie Mulgrew the dancing hipster prelate

 How Frankie dresses when he isn’t wearing his priest costume.

Frankie loves football.  Here he is after soccer training.

Singing with his rock ’n roll group The Mercy Brothers after celebrating 
the Novus Ordo Missae with bishop John Arnold.

What says I’m a Francis acolyte more than a selfie?

The Mercy Brothers imitate The Blues Brothers.

No joke, that’s a double-decker bus that Frankie’s diocese paid to have the public transportation system in England turn into the Mercy Bus for Francis’ “Year of Mercy”.

The Mercy Bus in action!


  1. More laymen in priests' costumes.

    Btw, they don't "celebrate" the NO abomination. They perform it.

  2. Its like a bad cartoon or SNL parody.Good grief make it stop.

  3. The only good thing I see here is the fact he's not a prelate (i.e. a bishop/cardinal) but an ordinary priest. Phew! He can do less damage this way.

    1. He's not a validly ordained Catholic priest.
      The "new rites of holy orders" are extremely doubtful.
      Catholic theology teaches to treat a doubtful Sacrament as invalid.

  4. For a moment there, it looked as if the singer and the prelate were praying at the Wailing Wall.

  5. This is worst, in Trent aginst Trent:
    Il tutto con la benedizione dell’attuale vescovo di Trento, Lauro Tisi, accompagnato da Ambrogio Spreafico, vescovo di Frosinone, i quali, insieme a certi “pastori” protestanti, hanno anche diretto una sorta di celebrazione comune nella quale hanno spezzato – letteralmente – un pane e lo hanno distribuito ai convenuti.

  6. ...brought to you by the United States "Religious Performance Arts", a promotion company in Hollywood, CA, expanding operations to the UK. Thanks to "American" entrepreneurial influence in the Vatican, Francis agreed to finance degrading religious entertainments. As Francis welcomes January with a New Order Year...or a New Order Season of a New Order Month, Day or Hour... more Religious Performance Art scouts will be on the lookout for many more theme artists...especially "forgottens" sitting on a sidewalk. Remember, Francis is THE STAR of religious performance, so he is behind us all the way...(financing available through the Vatican Bank.)

  7. The trouble with Christian pop is that it fails both ways. It's usually lousy songs by singers who couldn't make it in pop music and it's weak theologically.

    1. 2 Protestant pop singers recently "came out as lesbians"
      Protestant Pop music is run by the Hollywood satanic cult and its job is to snare "sola scriptura" types,who are void of sanctifying grace,into the wickedness & snares of the Devil.