Thursday, January 19, 2017

Aimé Pallière tours America

Alime Palliere, Assistant Rabbi of the Union Isrealite Liberale Temple of Paris, arrived in the United States Friday on the steamer “Aquitania.” 
M. Palliere became a convert to Judaism while a student at the Jesuit Seminary. 
He is in the United States at the invitation of the Free Synagogue and Jewish Institute of Religion and will deliver a series of lectures in a number of cities. 
His first lecture will be delivered Sunday morning at the Free Synagogue. The subjects of his lectures will be: “How I Found My Way to Judaism,” “What I Found Judaism to Be,” and “Why I Am a Zionist.” 
M. Palliere has taken an active part in Jewish affairs and is an ardent Zionist. He is the president of the Universal Union of Jewish Youth. 
He will remain in this country until the middle of January.



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    Meanwhile, no-one touches Church Militant story of Irish scandal--

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  2. "McCarrick–who Francis is said to revere as "a hero" of his [what pervert isn't?]–made a direct appeal over recent weeks for Tobin to be named to Newark, according to two sources"

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    And yet the "faithful" play blind deaf and dumb

  3. Want to watch a SSPX or Traditional novus ordo blogger/writer/conference speaker turn speechless,beat red faced,and run away without any destination in any direction aimlessly with the speed of Carl Lewis?!?!
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