Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Athanasius Schneider publicly pressures Bp. Fellay to accept ‘personal prelature’ status for the SSPX

...else the FSSPX 
lose a characteristic
of the Catholic Church!

Athanasius Schneider wants Bp. Fellay to join him, the sooner the better!

Quotes and video of Athanasius Schneider are taken from Adelante la Fe’s exclusive interview with Monsignor Schneider: Msgr. Lefebvre would accept the canonical proposal of a personal prelature without hesitation:

“I have asked Msgr. Fellay not to delay his acceptance any longer”

“The movement to restore the traditional Mass is the work of the Holy Spirit, and is unstoppable”

“We have a eucharistic-heart disease, and as long as we fail to heal it, the whole body will remain ill and will not produce fruit”

“We should speak up so that the Magisterium might speak clearly”

“I am convinced that in the present circumstances, Msgr. Lefebvre would accept the canonical proposal of a personal prelature without hesitation”

“If you remain canonically autonomous for too long, you run the risk of losing a characteristic of the Catholic Church, that is, to be subject to the pope”

“We cannot make our subjection to the Vicar of Christ dependent upon the person of the pope; this would not be faith. You cannot say that “I don’t believe in this pope, I don’t submit, I am going to wait until one comes along that I like.” This is not Catholic, it is not supernatural; it is human. It is a lack of supernaturality and trust in Divine Providence, that God is the one who guides the Church. This is a danger for the SSPX”

“I have asked Msgr. Fellay not to delay his acceptance any longer, and I trust in Providence, though it is not possible to have 100% certainty”

“It is my great wish that the SSPX might be recognized and established within the regular structure of the Church as soon as possible, and this will be for the benefit of all, for them and for us. Actually it will be a new force in this great battle for the purity of the Faith”

“I have told Msgr. Fellay: “Monsignor, we need your presence to join together with all of the good forces in the Church to achieve this union.”

more on the false conservative Schneider:

Schneider wants Bp. Fellay to join his motley crew — belief in Jesus the Christ is optional!


  1. LOL!!! This "interview" is literally making me LOL.
    The Novus Ordo preys and depends upon very lazy people who don't know nor have have any desire to learn the Catholic Faith.
    Mr.Schneider isn't validly ordained nor consecrated.That one fact is the cherry on top to a hysterical ignorant muddled *interview".
    How can a man who is a hierarchical member of a non-Catholic church tell Roman Catholic people what to do or how to conduct themselves????
    How can an *unstoppable work of the Holy Ghost* suddenly come to a halt if weak kneed Bishop Fellay doesn't suddenly join a Jewish Ecumenical Anti-Christ organization???
    Novus Ordo folks are dumb & its their own fault!

  2. Code words for interview
    "Our millionaire mole Max Krah who funds the SSPX will stop giving the SSPX money & protection if Bishop Fellay doesn't join the One World Ecumenical Satanic Novus Ordo... Trot boy Trot!!"
    Bishop Fellay,trembling in a corner biting his nails out of fear of offending his Zionist masters,hastily runs to bargaining table singing while vocally apologizing to "anyone who may rightfully think I offended them..."

    1. Dr. Krah hasn't worked for Jaidhofer Privatstiftung (the Jaidhof Foundation) since December 2013 and also finished up his work with the SSPX connected Dello Sarto AG in 2014 when it folded. Those in charge of the Jaidhof Foundation are Mr. Karl Kinsky, Dr. Nikolaus von Ankershofen, and Fr. Niklaus Pfluger.

    2. Oh OK the Zionist has been replaced with Zionists.

  3. Well, we all know who Schneider works for...

    That guy who's not a heretic (because Burke (another guy who works for that guy who's not a heretic) said so)

    Meanwhile Burke put a man in a woman's convent years ago...

  4. Thanks for posting the quotes from Bp. Schneider. I have to wonder where Bp. Schneider was in 1988 when Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated the four bishops. Did he defend Archbishop Lefebvre? I doubt it. There were few who spoke up for the Archbishop at the time. Here is one talk given by Fr. Wathen in the week following the June 30, 1988 consecrations. It's quite hard-hitting, but it does a good job of explaining the real situation and attitude against Tradition and Archbishop Lefebvre by the Hierarchy in the Conciliar Church.

    ~M. Ray

  5. What's been stopping Mr.Schneider from speaking up the past 40 years?
    Why does he celebrate the Novus Ordo and pretend he is a Roman Catholic priest and bishop?
    His "holy orders" are doubtful at best or outright invalid.Either way Roman Catholic people are forbidden from going anywhere near this (((Novus Ordo))) imposter!!!!!