Monday, January 30, 2017

Francis promoter of the half-gospel

Below are the five of the questions asked by Noel Diaz and Francis’ answers to them.  In what can only be described as overblown (El Sembrador - ESNE promoted the interview as historical which it is anything but) and an in unusual format — after each question & answer, a panel which reminds us of but with a Novus Ordo bishop, discusses what Francis said before returning to the interview.  Below each question is cued up so those who want to listen to Francis don’t have to also suffer through the discussion panel.  It’s only the first part of the show, the second part has yet to be posted.  If and when the second part is posted we will include it.

Francis the ‘proselytizer’ and his corporal works of mercy

Francis the ‘motivating proselytizer’ says that Jesus is knocking on the doors of the church because he wants to exit and evangelize

Francis suggests those living in fear in the USA (illegal aliens) take refuge under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Francis recommends prayer, the Lectio Divina, and the beatitudes (doesn’t specify if he means his beatitudes or Christ’s)

Francis the ‘wise’ and ‘keeper of the memory of faith’ says, “I tell you, if you abandon your grandparents, know that life can repay you with the same coin.”



  1. I can't watch this garbage anymore.Its irritating and satanic.

  2. Humor: Francis discovers Vatican Employees have been reading Novus Ordo Watch