Monday, January 2, 2017

How the Hasid light their Hanukkah menorahs

From the people whom have given to the world a menorah in every public square thanks to the help of people like the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, who ruled that a Chanukah menorah, when placed alongside a Christmas tree displayed on government property, is not an endorsement of Talmudic Judaism!

Is god really delighted with the Jewish people and
their vainglorious celebrations such as this?


  1. Rabbi Jorge Bergoglio preached to the Novus Ordoites and did say "make a mess". Well, then, N.O. Neoprotestants, do as your elders do and let you have a "Hurl Mass" a la a Menorah lighting ceremony...hurl objects at Francis to show solidarity with inclusiveness. Hey, where are the Mahommedans? The black flag of jihad is waving in the equivalency foyer...throw open them windows so that they can gain access and hurl their stuff at Francis, too.

  2. Oy vey you antisemites!! Its another Shoah oh I'm such a persecuted (((chosen one))) Oh the Horror!! ;)

  3. Drunk in their selfishness and pride, the false hebrews will dread the day when they chose to ignore The Messiah who has fulfilled every prophecy written through the ages.

  4. Nonsense. The "explanation" is given here:
    In Chassidish communities of Poland and Hungary, it has been the custom when the Shamash is ready to light the Chanukah candles in shul, for children and others to throw hand towels and other items at him both before and during the lighting.

    The custom is still practiced today in numerous Chassidish minyanim.

    One can understain why Litvaks would not appreciate this particular custom. The Eliyahu Rabbah writes that talking to someone in the middle of a bracha may constitute Lifnei Iver – certainly throwing items at a person may cause a person to lose focus. There is the other issue of decorum within a shul and Beis Midrash as well.