Wednesday, January 11, 2017

humor — seen at the Vatican

Two ‘humble’ guys, Francis the ‘liberal’ and Thomas “Three Martinis a day” Rosica checking out the latest posts on Call Me Jorge...


  1. But seriously, the big guys at the SSPX think that Bergoglio is really a nice chap apart from shows of "craziness" here and there. Traditional Catholics must really ask themselves what is the SSPX really all about!

  2. LoL this is good.
    The SSPX is helping the apostasy look official and is destroying any crumb of credibility they may have left.

  3. No doubt they are also avid fans of Michael Hoffman and Maurice Pinay.

  4. Dear Jorge,
    As a purveyor of fine art, you must have seen the light projections on buildings, like the Star of David Israeli flag in France recently, the sodomite flag in D.C, and the numerous light show raves in cathedrals all over Europe. Have you planned your next light show performance in the City of Man, the Vatican?
    How long do you think your reign will last? In other words, how long before true Catholic media and blogs finally become mainstream and are able to blow your cover as to the anti-pope revolutionary that you are?
    You have already adopted the mannerisms of Martin Luther and Rabbi Skorka, but will you, in the near future, adopt their dress as well? The "catholic" religious attire is a bit dated for you, no?

    Anonymous, in the periphery.