Saturday, January 14, 2017

Meanwhile in America...

...on the evening of 12 January 2017, Francis, the not so humble liberal and messenger of the god of surprises, made a special guest appearance by video at Los Angeles’ Dolores Mission Church for the National Week for Migrants. In what can only be described as a commercial for his upcoming video interview conducted by Nate Diaz of El Sembrador Nueva Evangelizacion, Francis tells viewers, “We are a community that also has a mother and Jesus gave her to us—his mother and our mother—and a community with a mother should feel safe,” and further said, “Russian monks from the medieval period or before had a lovely saying…back then they would say: ‘When there is spiritual turbulence, take refuge under the mantle of the Holy Mother of God.’ And this is what I want to tell you, she said it to Juan Diego in his language: ‘Do not be afraid. Am I not here, I, who am your Mother.’”  This finishing a ‘migrant week’ which was filled with the claptrap of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Francis continuing to sell to the people, ‘welcoming the stranger’ and the Talmudic concept of ‘the other’ which are being used to alchemically process once Christian countries into noahide nations but with the new twist that the Blessed Virgin is there to assist in this process.  One begins to wonder if Francis willingly delights in this destruction.  As the excommunicated, Paul Roca, wrote in his book, Glorieux centenaire, 1889. Monde nouveau, nouveaux cieux, nouvelle terre (Glorious Centenary, 1889. New World, New Heavens, New Earth) of the future:

Francis wants to kill Catholicism in the 
names of love and compassion for
‘the migrant’ 
‘the refugee’  
‘the other’  
‘the peripheries’

Here’s the (excerpted) above mentioned video.
The quality of which is poor.


  1. Why do the SSPX blogs and Bishop Fellay flat out refuse to discuss these type of events that happen on a weekly basis?

    1. The FFSP and all the rest do the same thing. It's a self-censorship clause of some sort that priests cannot sort out or criticize the VII Council or the New Mass or discuss it publicly...This is stated somewhere in the VII documents but now I can't find it otherwise I would link to it.

    2. They think not dealing with the problem will make it go away.

    3. It's why I attend a sedevacantist chapel.

  2. Former Central European Czech President Vaclav Klaus (2003 – 2013) is interviewed at RT. The interview starts off with the EU. At 24:10 he protests the interviewer using the term ‘refugees’ when in truth these are ‘migrants’ being distributed around Europe. He describes what is going on with migration…to destroy Europe and rejects arguments that justify it. He concludes “…but to stop migration, it’s sufficient to say “No”, and European Union is not ready to say that. That’s the main issue and main problem.”
    We know that the EU and Vatican II are partners who front this political/spiritual elitist strategy to destroy borders, economy, morals, and dogma.

    Here we have Novus Ordo Sect people doing the will of the VII globalist agenda within the U.S. Here are mainstream media journalists still shilling for the Novus Ordo Sect…relatively smart journalists referring to enablers of the migrant invasion of the U.S. as “Catholics” in the “Roman Catholic Church”! In this same report, however, you will be able to read factual data proving that it is lawless on many counts. Why are glaring facts ignored concerning that which is provably Catholic dogma vs. that which is provably NeoProtestant dogmaless New Order, i.e., not Catholic, but yet while this is disregarded, all other facts are duly sought out and presented?

  3. Hermano tema aparte mira el paganismo que difunden los discípulos de Bergoglio en Argentina. El culto pagano al Gauchito Gil apoyado por el propio Bergoglio

    Esta información no la he visto en Ingles te agradecería si pudieras hacer una entrada mi ingles no es bueno para escribirlo. Bendiciones

    1. Gracias por la información.
      Hará un artículo sobre él en el futuro.