Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The stupid... it hurts.

“I think this document (Amoris Laetitia) that Pope Francis put together is one of the best preparations for married life. One of the best instruments to prepare anybody for married life.”
Cardinal Farrell, the prefect for the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life

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  1. Shabbos Goy luciferian doing legwork for the Antichrist fake Jews.

  2. "The lion rampant honors Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop emeritus of Washington, and the Irish sept of O’Farrell. In the upper portion of the shield, gold (yellow) and the lion (red) are derived from the Arms of Cardinal McCarrick, whom Bishop Farrell assisted as Auxiliary Bishop of Washington [and lived w/in the $40 million mansion on embassy row]. The lower portion of the lion in gold (yellow) derives from the Irish sept of O’Farrell. Here a blue field has been substituted for the green of the O’Farrell Arms, to honor Our Lady of Lourdes, upon whose feast day Bishop Farrell received ordination to the episcopate at the hands of the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington. In the base of the shield is a silver (white) mound of rock, symbolic of Bishop Farrell’s patron, Saint Kevin (d. ca. 618). After ordination Saint Kevin settled as a hermit at Glendalough (Co. Wicklow, Ireland), in a cave called “St. Kevin’s Bed” formerly a Bronze Age rock tomb. Bishop Farrell’s arms are impaled with those of Dallas to recall the spousal relationship between the Bishop and the local church of which he has been appointed pastor. The motto, STATE IN FIDE (“Stand Firm in the Faith”[of sodomy and chid rape!]) is from Saint Paul’s epistle to the Colossians, and complements the rock mound and the lion that holds an honorable position in biblical history [see 1 Peter 5:8]."


    "The top floor has been configured with four bedrooms, a chapel, an office, kitchen, living room, and dining room. McCarrick shares the apartment with auxiliary bishop Kevin Farrell and two priest secretaries."


    Cardinal Donald Wuerl lives in a renovated penthouse in DC's most elite neighborhood

    Probably he had to be removed from Dallas quick--or maybe some abuse from when he was w/the Legionnaires or in DC came back to haunt him--filthy affected pedophile freak!

    "Kevin Farrell was born in Dublin, Ireland, and grew up speaking Irish.[1] The second of four sons, he has an older brother, Brian, who currently serves as Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in the Roman Curia. Farrell studied under the Christian Brothers in Drimnagh, and entered the novitiate of the Legion of Christ in 1966...Farrell was ordained to the priesthood in Rome on December 24, 1978. He then served as chaplain to the University of Monterrey in Mexico, where he also conducted seminars in bioethics and social ethics. He was also General Administrator of the Legion of Christ with responsibilities for seminaries and schools in Italy, Spain, and Ireland. In 1984, Farrell was assigned to the United States and incardinated in the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

  3. Cardinal Farrell seems like a decent man. But if he can't tell the difference between doctrine and liberalism, then we must do our part in praying for his eyes to be open.

  4. If he says that Francis' Amoris Laetitia is one of the best instruments to prepare anybody for married life, I can say that that Francis' WYD was one of the best instruments to prepare anybody for priesthood life and convent life.

  5. Thank goodness we have high ranking prelates like Cardinal Farrell to gently lead us into the Noahide Rainbow wonderland. When the great prophecy of St. John Lennon will be revealed; no God, no heaven, no governments, and no neo-pelagian crypto-levebrists interfering when we accompany the peripheries.

  6. Maybe a really brief "married life," followed by another one, followed by...etc.