Sunday, February 26, 2017

agape — ἀγάπη

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  1. In reference to this I've noticed parents in their 30's and 40's dressing like teenagers and going to concerts with their teenage children.(as fans not as guardians)

  2. Ready for this?...

  3. thanks for above for womyn priest link - nothing the novus ordo does surprises me. Fr. Goffine in the Church's year had a very good comment on true Charity, which the heretical sects by negating the need for good works do not possess. The problem we have today with the temporal order/the state taking over the province of the Church with the corporal works of mercy by welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, etc is part of the setup of the antichrist and the antichurch - instead of people giving out of true charity to the Church and the Church helping those in need, the state forces the public through taxation to redistribute wealth to those they deem deserving, whether or not they are, and by promoting things against Christ like sex changes and birth control and abortion through medicare, medicaid etc etc. All part of the reverse order of things.