Saturday, February 11, 2017

Are Francis and his Jesuits truly in the boat?

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  1. Spadaro @ 1:56 "author of an important, in-depth interview of pope francis," so did he make it up out of his hat, like scalfari? Maybe he plagiarized himself like the 'kissing priest.'

    "On top of this, Fernández’s trust in the reliability and coherence of all papal teaching seems very selective, since he clearly has no qualms about giving greater “theological structure” to the New Evangelization (Evangelii Gaudium), ecological stewardship of the earth (cf. promissory encyclical), or even the Theology of the Body, as his 1995 book, Heal Me with Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing, makes clear. On the last point, we must commend Pope Francis’s wise instincts for selecting such a talented writer. Fernández is so gifted a wordsmith that his book on the art of kissing was honored by being shown and read from in an Argentinian telenovela, Esperanza mia, about a priest who seduces a nun into a secret love affair. Something tells me Cdl. Maradiaga would appreciate the priest’s realism and flexibility."

    If you ask me they ditched the boat in 1965 and decided to wade up S/H/IT creek w/out even taking a paddle. Seems God is going to let them suffocate in it--and all the sheep who followed them over board.