Friday, February 24, 2017

Eric ‘the Great Monarch’ Gajewski once again shows his true colors

The ‘Great Monarch’ pontificating from his online ‘Eagle’s Nest’ to his pseudo ‘Order of Eagles’.


  1. Can't be worse than Bergoglio who at the moment is going to Recognize and Resist and Screw the SSPX. It goes without saying that he can't be worse than the SSPX either.

  2. Eric 'the great Schizophrenic' Gajewski
    The Novus Ordo is valid but its evil.The pope is Catholic but he's not catholic and teaches heresy.The 'Catholic Church' is evil,promulgates heresy,and teaches outright apostasy/idolatry BUT its catholic.
    Who believes this kind of schizophrenic nonsense insanity?!?!