Saturday, February 18, 2017

Francis is the cause of the chaos in the Novus Ordo

Those who remain faithful to the Catholic Faith are now the heretical Pharisees — Amoris Laetitia gives the feeling of schism!

the full EWTN panel

Ordo Ab Chao


  1. Francis says: "Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist.",_california/1293143

  2. CMJ - I watched the short clip - what the lay gentleman tells Arroyo that the people who are faithful are the ones being painted as "Pharisees" and "bad" by Bergoglio and crew - is this not what they and the rest of the "conservative" novus ordo have done for years to everyone since Vatican II started who stated it was a masonic takeover of what had been our Lord's Church? And now the leftist/Soros crowd in the US is busy doing this by calling conservative Catholics and protestants who voted for Trump and Trump and his cabinet "nazis" for being for national soveriegnity, constitutional government, obeying and enforcing immigration law and wanting to stand against abortion. They are the rabid communists, Obama having been schooled in Alinsky by the USCCB and have the gall to point the finger at patriotic Americans and pro lifers and say we are the enemies of the state and agents of communist or former communist Russia. Bad is called good and good bad. Isaiah told us this was going to happen in the last days. Truth has been turned on its head.

    1. Yes, the revolution always eats its own.

      Speaking of Alinsky, we will have a future post on him, Giovanni Montini (Paul VI), de Menasce, O’Grady, and Journet.

    2. The Nervous Disorder has been in chaos since 1969 and the new Masonic mass of Paul VI. Thankfully it is so chronic it will eventually collapse totally. Francis is doing tradition a real favour......keep it up Francis!

  3. The Pius XII & Paul VI revolutions are the cause of chaos.
    Jorge is just keeping the charade going nothing more nothing less.