Sunday, February 12, 2017

Straight from the hypocrite’s mouth...

Francis never tires of insulting people, so much so that there is even an insult generator which makes fun of this trait of his.  So at today’s Angelus when he uttered the words below they rang hollow.  What struck us, at Call Me Jorge..., is that all the recent words from his Vatican lackeys about Francis laughing off the pasquino, which went up around Rome two weeks ago, and this week’s fake L'Osservatore Romano are also empty.  These two things have hit a nerve with the man.  Francis is attempting to look publicly as if he is taking the moral high ground but when you have a mouth such as he does with the past history of insulting Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholics, ad naseam — the words are meaningless.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Call Me Jorge... wonders, what anti-Francis ‘insult’ will hit Rome this week?

“Insulting: we are used to insulting, it is like saying, ‘Good morning.’ And that is on the same line as killing. Anyone who insults his brother kills his brother in his heart. Please, do not insult! We earn nothing by doing so.”

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  1. This Jew is stupid and annoying.
    He is embarrassed because he wants to be smart & intellectual and cant accept that he is just a selfish Christ hating Jew.