Monday, February 13, 2017

The logo for Francis’ upcoming Fatima trip

Francisco Providência, “In the poster we sought to value the physical and friendly closeness of [Francis] who is smiling and waving his hand in a gesture of greeting and blessing.”

The logo, motto, and poster for Francis upcoming, 12th & 13th of May, trip to Fatima, Portugal for the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady to the three shepherd children — Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco — were released this past Friday.  The poster is above and below is the logo.  The designer of the logo, Francisco Providência, explained to the press, “The design intention was to convey through graphic communication, [that Francis], a messenger of mercy and peace, is as simple and accessible as the Saint who gave him his name, but also associating his visit with the Marian Shrine of Fatima, with its more universal symbols (a heart and a rosary).”  Providência didn’t explain why the rosary doesn’t have the proper number of beads however he did say,  “that the heart (instead of the cross) characterizes more the merciful love of the Father than does the redemptive suffering of the Son.”  Oh, boy...  Does anyone in the Novus Ordo church understand the Faith?

The Portuguese motto translates as, “With Mary, pilgrim in hope and in peace”

Fr. Carlos Cabecinhas the rector of the Shrine of Fatima and the coordinator of Francis trip said that the design reflects, “style of simplicity and clarity,” which characterizes Francis.  He further stated that the motto allows Francis to be united to the message of Fatima, “Peace binds us to [Francis], his pontificate and also the message of Fatima, hence this conjugation.”  As if that weren’t enough praise Cabecinhas also said of Francis‘ upcoming visit, “It will allow us to hear the prophetic voice of the [Francis].”  Francis is the antithesis of the message of Our Lady of Fatima and to call him a prophetic voice is beyond stretching it!  This is the same man that insulted Catholics who offered him a spiritual bouquet of Rosaries in 2013,  outsourced his consecration to Our Lady of Fatima to the local bishop on 13 May 2014 and then this past year honored the heresiarch Martin Luther at the Vatican on the 99th anniversary of the sixth apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal.  Oh please, get real!


  1. What an incredibly boring poster and logo. It stirs nothing of piety and devotion, and again makes Francis the center of everything. Forget the fact that the MOTHER OF GOD and HER MESSAGE are the focus this centennial!
    It's all about His Humbleness and his version of mercy.

  2. Providência didn’t explain why the rosary doesn’t have the proper number of beads however he did say, “that the heart (instead of the cross) characterizes more the merciful love of the Father than does the redemptive suffering of the Son.”

    "Let love be without dissimulation. Hating that which is evil, cleaving to that which is good."

    Bergoblio & all his supporters hate Jesus Christ. Their father is the devil. Anyone that cleaves to them has the same father.

  3. I accept & believe Fatima happened as its an approved apparition.
    With that said,Jorge knows the one thing that keeps the collection plates full is the full blown obssession of Fatima devotees.These folks place Fatima on the level of Dogma and the required deposit of faith.
    He can say and do whatever he wants long as he has some half hearted mumbo jumbo that includes the word 'Fatima' & accompanied with a holy rosary.
    Please understand I'm not being disrespectful and wish I had the intelligence to say this in a better way.

    1. Yes. It was disrespectful to those of us "obsessed" with Fatima. But who am I to judge?

      Pretty sure the whole Church was obsessed with Fatima before they repressed Fatima.
      Pretty sure Our Lady was obsessed with US when she appeared at Fatima and delivered her message. Thank God she cared enough to be.

    2. Its private revelation its not required belief!!!!!
      Wake up & learn your faith you sound like a Novus Ordo indult type.

    3. I didn't say Fatima is required belief by pain of mortal sin. Do you see that anywhere in my words? Anywhere? Fatima is a BIG DEAL.

      I'm asleep? I don't know my Faith? I'm New Order? Indult? You sound like the presumptuous type. Or just basically hateful.

  4. I am very sorry to see that the sacred ground of Fatima will be befouled by the blaspheming Argentinian crypto-rabbi clown show. Agree with anonymous above that the poster is banal and stupid. Well, Bergoglio, Greg Burke, and co. are not Catholics, so why would we expect them to produce anything with a shred of beauty or Truth?

  5. From CMJ from 04 Feb:
    The photo chosen for the poster is classic Francis. Paraphrasing Francis’ own words, when one exhibits a ‘funeral face’ it reflects the insecurities he has about himself and a ‘pickle face’ shows that one lacks joy.
    “Christians with a grimace or disgruntled expression on their faces, sad Christians, are a very ugly thing. It’s really ugly, ugly, ugly. However, they are not fully Christian. They think they are (Christians) but they are not fully so.”
    — Francis’ homily, 31 May 2016 —

    This logo, 10 days out from the coverage of these posters in Rome, had to counteract this recent negative and hypocritical truth of Jorge's reign and so now Jorge's face needed to convey an impression of benign father figure, hearts and beads...blah, blah, blah...for damage control.
    The Novus Ordoites are goats remember...sheep hear the voice of their master in the midst of attack...goats faint and play dead. Therefore, advertising (and good acting, set and costumes) creates the desired appearance in Novus Ordo land.

  6. Well, last year, the shrine’s rector said that the messages of Pope Francis and Our Lady of Fatima are essentially the same… God help us!

  7. The official song just released:

  8. Que Curioso que Bergoglio anuncio que iría a Fátima en el 2015 y un mes y medio antes del centenario aprueba un supuesto milagro y la visita se le convirtió entonces en una supuesta canonización, es evidente que Bergoglio esta utilizando la aparición de la Virgen de Fátima como respaldo de su apostasía. Los falsos milagros que nos advierte San Pablo que son obras de Satanás.

  9. Observen que el corazón que aparenta ser un rosario tiene es un signo de mas + en lugar de una cruz o crucifijo.

  10. Se asemeja a un tasbih musulmán con un signo + para confundir.