Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Who said this?

“It is true that I do not give interviews, but why, I do not know, I can’t, it’s just like that. For me it is quite an effort to do so, but I thank all of you here.”

Think carefully about it for about ten seconds...

And then take a guess...

You would never guess it was Francis would you?

To think of all the sacrifices Francis makes for us each time he opens his mouth for another interview. 

How many interviews has he given since he uttered these words?

Too many for us to count!

Francis isn’t humble, he’s garrulous and enjoys spewing out his cacophony of modernist garbage!

Sigh, the good ol’ days (the first 4 months of his reign) when Francis didn’t grant interviews

...if only they’d return!

source for quote: Vatican, Francis in-flight interview from Rome to Brazil, Monday, 22 July 2013


  1. Soon to be canonized "St. Francis the Humble" by the next "pope," "Pope" Buddha I.

  2. How can Francis possibly "conclude his remarks"?

  3. Yet SSPX people are pumped up & excited for this Crypto-Jew communist lunatic to be their "Pope"!
    They seriously have no idea what harm destruction and havoc he can cause within a Catholic order of religious.
    "When the Blind lead the blind they both wind up in the ditch"