Thursday, March 2, 2017

According to Cardinal McCarrick, in 2013 six months after the conclave, ‘Francis is the Pied Piper of Hamelin’

 “Yeah, five years. If we had five years, the Lord working through Bergoglio in five years could make the Church over again.”

 “He will walk across the stage and people will follow him. They will find in him like they found in the ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ they will find in him a certain charism that this is what God’s love is all about and this is what Francis is all about.”

“The longer he is in the more I think it is likely we could see that he has changed the papacy.” 


More on the disturbing conclave which elected Francis:


  1. Only problem is that McCarrick is a liar--as LifeSite "news" well knows.

    How sickening that they include McCarrick spouting about giving advice to his "nephews" (@ 3:50) as if sado-masochistic, pro-sodomite pro-euthanasia, pro-abortion, pro-pedophilia, pro-communist perverts are centrists! Abortion will be made illegal again when those who are fundraising off abortion stop publishing the lies and covering for the sodomites who rape children, priests and the Catholic Church (like Danneels & McCarrick & Bergoglio):

    "McCarrick continued to pursue the young man, sent him notes and telephoned him. Notes reveal that it was the custom the Archbishop McCarrick to call his protégés “nephew” and encouraged his entourage to call each other “cousin” and for them to call him “uncle Ted.”"

    It was in the Spring Semester of 1988 that a student of mine in an American Government course at Saint John's University in Jamaica, Queens, New York, came up to me after one of the first classes to introduce himself as a "nephew" of "Archbishop" McCarrick. I recounted this to a presbyter-friend of mine who had been with me as a seminarian at Holy Apostles Seminary during the 1983-1984 academic year, the late Reverend Michael Scott, who died on January 9, 2011, at the age of fifty-three. "Oh," Mike said to me, "one of Teddy's 'nephews.' We all know about those." McCarrick actually got in trouble in the early-1990s when he gave a talk to some Catholic women by commenting on the sort of "day-glow" attire wore by the young men he took on trips.

  2. Another McCarrick 'nephew' following uncle ted's advice to stay in the center--that's where sacredness lies (like a rug): Here is a clip of 52 year old man, the father of seven children, who is now living his life as a 6-year old girl. At :27 see pic of family w/nun and at :30 see family pic w/ Cardinal McCarrick(!) Then at 3:24 see 52 year-old man dressed as 6 year old girl being hugged and kissed in Catholic Church by rainbow scarf wearing "priest".

    In between hear how "6 year old girl" has 300 lb biker ask "her" if he can wear one of "her" dresses and have sex w/her (the SIX year old!!!!) while wearing it (@2:38). @3:06 how a six-year old girl sit. @3:18 six year old girl wearing lipstick. 3:46 see how a man and woman have 'adopted' this 52-year old man and lets him associate w/his children

  3. Thank you for posting this 2013 video...incredible! From the horse's mouth, evidence that Vatican II Council was not a "reform", it was a revolt: Habemus Papam Hamelin has most assuredly lead the sect to the "new catechism" and the "changed papacy"! This man is a true believer in the sect...regard his enthusiasm and love of the thing he helped to bring about.

  4. The Magisterium of the Church teaches that the apostate priest is excommunicated and does not belong to the mystical body of the Church and loses all jurisdiction and the priesthood. ( Code of Canon Law and CUM EX APOSTOLATUS OFFICIO, Mystici corporis Christi)

    In the anti-church of Bergoglio a predatory priest remains a priest although he is 'laicized'