Thursday, March 30, 2017

another day, another talmudic guest

Francis briefly met with Robert Iger, the CEO and chairman of Disney, at the tail end of his general audience yesterday.  The Walt Disney Company is known for its; anti-family, anti-christian, anti-God, pro-homosexual, anti-American, anti-European, anti-male, and pro-immigrant, television programs, movies, and theme parks.  The television program “Good Christian Bitches” and lately the movie “Beauty and the Beast” are some of its typical fare.

Two peddlers of anti-christian perversions meet

Sadly, the Vatican’s Msgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò, the head of the Secretariat for Communication, is a big fan of Disney and wants to modernize the Vatican’s communication system by “building a central content hub,” following the “Disney business model.”

As a side note, Francis is looking rather portly in the video.  We wonder if he has started eating carbs again?


  1. Bergoglio's niece works for Disney and he invited Disney's Tini Stoessel to perform a lewd act at the "soccer for peace" vatican-sponsored boorish clownery. And remember, even the Disney CEO admitted that at least 40% of the employees are sodomites.

  2. Asia Bibi's family should have come dressed as Mickey, Minny and Donald...

  3. Another staged event like Cushing & Planned Parenthood--to propagate sodomy and pedophelia (Team B's favorite things!) no doubt greased by a little filthy lucre. Bergoglio should wash his own hands on Holy Thursday--the ocean would turn black w/grease and blood.

  4. The Vatican houses the globalist New Order Church of the New World Order: this is the place for solidarity photo ops, bowing and bobbing to each other and glad handing, exchanging gifts. Politico-Religious Big Business.

  5. Homo's,dykes,Jews,Anglicans, voodoo witch doctors,Zoroastrians, etc..are welcomed at the Vatican.
    The only people not allowed are traditional Catholics upholding Catholic tradition!